Brother and Sister both are ill prisoners in Turkey

Haşim Gezer and Garibe Gezer are brother and sister. They are in Elazığ Prison and Kayseri Women’s Prison and both are ill. They told their sister about the violations of their rights. There is isolation in prison, but no medicines are given

40-year-old Haşim Gezer, who is imprisoned in Elazig Closed Prison No. 2, and his sister Garibe Gezer, 27, who is held in Kayseri Women’s Prison, made a phone call with their families. Both prisoners described the severe violations of rights they were subjected to in prison. Asya Gezer, the sister of Haşim and Garibe, said that her brother Haşim Gezer, who was sent to Elazig Prison about 2 years ago, was kept in a solitary cell.

Haşim already has broken ribs due to being beaten and he had not been operated for months. He told his sister: “We were already in isolation before. And more isolation is imposed on us during this disease (Covid-19) process. Activities are prohibited.”

Asya Gezer continued as follows: “We have not been able to see my brother for 8 months. We do not know how and when we will see him. There is a closed visit and he has to petition for it. In the past, we could send clothes or different needs by post. However, as the prison does not accept parcels, we cannot send anything right now. We do not know how long this situation will continue.”

Asya Gezer also talked about the phone call she had with her sister Garibe Gezer, who suffers from asthma and is being held in Kayseri Women’s Closed Prison.

Asya Gezer said: “My sister told me that during this pandemic process, proper cleaning is not done. Hygiene material is not provided. She has difficulty in breathing because very heavy cleaning materials are used when cleaning. The items she bought from the canteen in the last week came with expiry dates. She said they would all be poisoned if they hadn’t notice the expiring date.”

Gezer added that the prison administration did not give medication to her sister.