Call for an investigation into Turkish use of prohibited weapons

The Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria held a press conference regarding the use of internationally prohibited weapons by the Turkish state in its military offensive launched against the region on October 9. The press conference was attended by Abdulkerim Omer, co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department, and Ciwan Mustafa, co-chair of the Health Committee.

Omer and Mustafa called for an examination and investigation within the framework of international law into the violations committed by the Turkish state and allied mercenary and terrorist groups against the peoples of North and East Syria.


The statement read at the press conference includes the following:

“The violations of the Turkish state with the terrorist and mercenary groups under their command against the components of northeastern Syria legally require investigation and prosecution. These violations blatantly contravene international conventions, agreements and law. In the areas of Serekaniye (Ras al-Ain) and Gire Spi (Tal Abyad), Turkey and its mercenaries continue to violate the standards of law and morality with the utmost disregard from October 9 to the present. 30 unarmed civilians including children have been targeted with these internationally prohibited weapons.

All competent institutions and organizations, including the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), must express their positions and investigate the reports in the light of the availability of in-kind evidence.

We in the autonomous administration of northeastern Syria, reiterate our request for an investigation into the use of internationally prohibited weapons by the Turkish state.

We also condemn Turkey’s attempts to conceal the crime and try to prevent the formation of international commissions of inquiry by donating € 30,000 to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in the same time it used white phosphorus, which is no coincidence.

We have the evidence and we are ready to receive the competent committees and cooperate with them to work neutrally in the areas of Turkish attack.

We call for urgent action against the unacceptable crimes and methods employed by the Turkish occupation state. Ignoring this matter will make the world lose the standards of justice, right and responsibility and serve as a support for Turkey in the implementation of its illegal policies. Cases confirming the use of prohibited weapons and samples need to be subjected to medical and legal procedures and the Turkish state and its mercenaries must be condemned and punished.”

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