Report: TURKEY’S TRACK RECORD: The occupation of Afrin

“People here, everyone has a dream, a dream of returning back to their farms and their homes in Afrin.” Hassan Hassan, former Afrin resident

*History of Afrin
*The people of Afrin
*Ethnic and religious minorities in Afrin
*Political mobilisation and repression
*Turkish invasion and war
*What does the United Nations say?
*Afrin: Under occupation
*Kidnapping and attacks
*Documented attacks on civilians, July – October 2019
*Occupation and Erasure
*Turkey-backed jihadis and demographic engineering
*Case study: Hassan Hassan
*Impact on children
*Impact on women
*Case study: Hamida Umma Mohammed
*Refugees from Afrin
*Case study: Mohammed Arth
* Conclusion
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