IHD: In Osmaniye prison there is torture!

Human Rights Association (IHD) Adana Branch Prison Commission members met with prisoners to discuss the torture they are subjected to in Osmaniye No. 2 Closed Prison.

The results of the meetings held by the Commission members were reported to shared with the public. The report issued by the IHD stated that ill prisoners are not treated, that those refusing to stand during the count up are subjected to violence, that prisoners cannot exercise their legal rights and that legal magazines, newspapers and books were not given.

The report stated that “prisoners are deprived of all other social activities except for 1 hour of sports per week.”

Likewise the report stated that “ill prisoners are not receiving proper treatment and that examinations in the hospital are carrying out with prisoners in handcuffs. Prisoners complained about the doctor and his approach.”

Prison staff allegedly beaten and insulted prisoners, said the report. “Problems – it added – cannot be solved due to the lack of communication between prisoners and the prison administration. Despite the fact that the prison prosecutor’s office did not intervene in the violations of rights and the lack of an inspection mechanism on the prison administration actually promoted arbitrary practices, there was no reason for standing counting up, given the presence of wards and the absence of any problems to date. Instead of seeking prisoners’ opinion on prison counts up and trying dialogue mechanisms, the prison administration resorted to unlawful procedures, such as violence, assault, ill-treatment and disciplinary punishments.”