62-year-old Peace Mother prisoner not admitted to hospital

Jailed 62-year-old Peace Mother Mevlüde Başdaş (who has a 86% disability) was suspected of suffering from tuberculosis as she was vomiting blood and was taken to hospital from Şakran Women’s Prison. Yet doctors sent Başdaş back to prison saying there was no space in the hospital.

Başdaş called her son Metin Başdaş for her weekly phone call on Friday and told him what had happened. Emphasizing that her health condition is not good, Mother Başdaş said: “I threw up a glass of blood this morning. I was in bad shape. They took me to the hospital. When I was talking to the prison authorities, the doctor at the hospital said that I should be admitted but added that there was no room in the hospital.

The doctor told the prison authorities to bring me back on Monday, as they will take me in if there is place then.”

Metin Başdaş was very worried and said: “The state wants my mother to die”.