ISIG: 2,427 workers died in 2020 in work-related accidents

The Occupational Health and Safety Council (ISIG) published the “2020 Report on Death in the workplace”.

The report of Occupational Health and Safety Council (ISIG) on “Death in the workplace”.

pointed out that at least 2,427 workers lost their lives. It added that 66 percent of the workers who lost their lives were compiled from the national press, and 34 percent from occupational safety experts, workplace doctors, trade unions and local media.

December registered the death of 356 workers, the month with the highest number of deaths.

Most death in the agriculture sector

The distribution of work-related murders by industry in 2020 was recorded as follows:

442 labourers (224 farmers and 218 workers) in the Agriculture, Forestry sector

355 workers in the Construction, Road sector

330 workers in the Health, Social Services sector

296 workers in Commerce, Office, Education, Cinema

248 workers in the transport sector

141 workers in the Municipality, General Affairs sector

106 workers in the metal sector

79 workers in the Defense, Security sector

61 workers in the mining sector

54 workers in the textile, leather sector

54 workers in the energy sector

44 workers in the Food, Sugar sector

44 workers in Petro-Chemical, Rubber sector

43 workers in the Hospitality, Entertainment sector

26 workers in Ship, Shipyard, Marine, Port sector

23 workers in the Tree, Paper sector

14 workers in the Cement, Soil, Glass sector

8 workers in the communication sector

7 workers in the Press, Journalism sector

5 workers in Bank, Finance, Insurance business

47 workers died in sectors that could not be determined

22 child workers died

in 2020 the report registered the death of 2,279 male workers and 148 female workers. When it comes to age groups, the report pointed out the death of 22 child workers aged 14 and under, 46 young workers between 15 and 17 years of age, 258 workers between the ages of 18 and 27, 1,079 workers between the ages of 28 and 50, 708 between the ages of 51 and 64. In addition, 159 workers were aged 65 and over, while the age of 155 workers could not be established.

741 workers killed by coronavirus

According to the report 741 workers died of coronavirus, 388 workers died in traffic and service accidents; 296 workers died as a result of being crushed; 237 workers died due to falls from height; 190 workers died of heart attack, cerebral haemorrhage; 105 workers died as a result of violence; 104 workers died due to electric shock; 87 workers died due to poisoning, suffocation; 73 workers committed suicide; 53 workers due to explosion, burning; 27 workers died due to object strikes, falls; 21 workers died due to cuts and ruptures; 105 workers died due to other reasons.

101 refugees among the dead

The report added that 101 refugee / migrant workers died in 2020: “48 workers are Syrian; 28 workers are from Afghanistan; 5 workers are from Turkmenistan; 4 workers each from Georgia and Uzbekistan; 2 workers each are Azerbaijani, Iranian, Russian and Ukrainian; One worker registered as Bulgarian, Iraqi, Nepalese and Pakistani.”