Özgür Ülke newspaper bombed 26 years ago

The 26th anniversary of the bombing of the Özgür Ülke newspaper will be protested at an event to be held tomorrow. Journalist Ersin Yıldız, who was murdered in the attack, will be commemorated at his graveyard.

It has been 26 years since the Özgür Ülke newspaper was bombed. A statement will be made in front of the old newspaper building in Kadırga on December 3 (tomorrow), the anniversary of the bombing. In the event to be organized by Yeni Yaşam newspaper, the newspaper worker Ersin Yıldız who was killed in the bombing will also be commemorated.

Making a written statement regarding the commemoration to be made, Yeni Yaşam newspaper said, “We are meeting again in Kadırga on the anniversary of one of the darkest days of the free press. 26 years ago, when all the buildings of the Özgür Ülke were bombed, we lost Ersin Yıldız there, among the ruins of that white building. From that day on, we have walked with many martyrs, neither bowed nor bent; we are still after the truth, we are illuminating the darkness with our pen …”

After the commemoration to be held tomorrow at 11:00 in Kadırga, carnations will be put on Ersin Yıldız’s grave in Yeşilpınar Cemetery.