Turkey: 29 women killed by men in March

Murders and violence against women did not stop in March. According to the Platform for Stopping Murders of Women (KCDP), 29 women were killed by men in March.

The Platform underlined that 9 of these murders were recorded as “suspicious death”.

In the February report the Platform said that 22 women were murdered.

According to the information contained in the report, between 11 March (when the “stay at home call” was first launched to counter the coronavirus emergency) and the end of the month, 21 women were killed.

The report said: “It was not possible to establish why 23 women were killed. Two of them were killed on an economic pretext, 4 of them as they were making a decision about their own life, such as opening a social media account, asking for a divorce or rejecting proposal of reconciliation.

Failure to establish under which excuse 23 women were killed was due to the fact that during the coronavirus emergency the murders and violence against women are being covered up.”

The report stated that “the killer of 4 of the 29 women murdered in March could not be identified, while 9 women were killed by their husband, 5 by their boyfriends, 4 by famiy members-relatives, 2 by former husbands, 2 by sons. It was recorded that 1 woman was killed by her father, 1 by a former boyfriend, and 1 by her brother.”