Prison doesn’t give salt, lemon and sugar to hunger strikers

Salt, sugar and lemon are not given to prisoners on hunger strike in Tarsus.

The hunger strike launched by prisoners on 27 November against the isolation imposed on Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan continues on its 34nd day. Vedat Bektaş, who is in Tarsus No 1 T Type Closed Prison, said in his weekly phone call with his family: “While the prison administration deliberately gave lemon, salt, fruit juice and sugar to one of the friends on strike, it tells the other one that there is ‘nothing left’.”

Bektaş added: “Murat Karaaslan is sick and stays in quarantine. Since he cannot drink tap water, he asks the guards to bring him water from the canteen, but the guards do not give water to him. However, the other prisoners in quarantine are given what they ask for. In quarantine, political prisoners are provoked, we are exposed to discrimination. With the hunger strike, the administration’s approach got worse.”