Prisoners in Tarsus: “We have been tortured with electricity”

One of the prisoners in Tarsus Hadi Elçiçek spoke with his son on the phone and told him about the torture they had been subjected to since December 7 and said, “We have also been subjected to torture with electricity.”

Tarsus Type T Closed Prison is on the news every day for torture. Prisoners have been battered during roll-count since December 7, and have reportedly been tortured with electricity in the padded room they were taken to.


Prisoner Hadi Elçiçek spoke on the phone with his son Serkan Elçiçek on December 16 and talked about what they experience. Serkan Elçiçek said his father has been systematically tortured since December 7. Hadi Elçiçiek told his son: “Our ward is searched arbitrarily. During the roll-count, they force us to stand in a single file line. When we refuse, we are battered and put in solitary confinement. Then they put us in padded rooms and torture us. There is also torture by electricity. There are 7 people in this ward and we are all subjected to this torture. We are calling on the public for awareness.”

Serkan Elçiçek stated that his father and his friends were tortured and mistreated in October as well, and that they had appealed to the Human Rights Association (İHD) Adana Branch regarding the issue. He pointed out that torture in prisons has become routine and added: “My father and his friends have been subjected to torture since the day they went to prison. The torture had stopped a while ago, but after December 7 it started again. The torture and oppression against my father and his friends.”

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