Prisoners enter day 23 of their hunger strike against isolation

The hunger strike launched by prisoners demanding the end of the isolation imposed in Imrali continues on day 23, with the 5th group of prisoners.

The hunger strike launched by political prisoners on 27 November demanding the end of the isolation of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan and the end of the ongoing violations of rights in prisons continue.

The hunger strike has been taken over by the 5th group of prisoners and has reached day 23.

‘Until we achieved our goal…’

Dilber Tanrıkulu, a prisoner in Sincan Women’s Closed Prison, send the following messages regarding the protest: “The purpose of our action is to remove the isolation imposed on our leader Öcalan and to secure his freedom. Our leader has the right to remain among its people. For this, we will do everything we can. Our action will continue until we reach our goal. We believe that our action will result in a great victory. Everybody should fulfill his/her responsibility. Let’s fulfill this responsibility together and secure victory.”