MED TUHAD FED Federation of the Prisoner’s Relatives lanced this petition regarding the all prisoners in prison in Turkey signed over 40 association organization partys tride unions also. Sign Online save the live of prisons from Corvid-19



As it is well known, the new coronavirus (COVID-19), which appeared firstly in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019, has spread to the whole world in a very short time. It has been declared as a global outbreak (Pandemic) by the World Health Organization and the number of deaths is increasing also in Turkey each passing day due to the epidemic spread.  In a process that the measures are trying to be taken against the epidemic in the world and Turkey, the measures regarding the health, safety and right to life of prisoners have once again come to the agenda.

It is stated in both national and international conventions and law documents that detainees or convicts have the right to access healthcare in an equitable and dignified manner, without any discrimination.

As we learned from the statements made by the prisoners’ families or the press itself, no necessary measures have been taken in prisons while the practices and approaches that put human life at risk have dramatically increased. Some of these practices and approaches are as follows: Soldiers and enforcement officers do not wear gloves and masks in searches, the prisoners are not given cleaning supplies, the cleaning supplies are not sold in the prison canteens, especially the prisoners who are elder and have chronic illnesses are not taken to the hospital, the prison cells have much more prisoners over their capacity, food is not clean and healthy and the prisoners are undernourished. Moreover, the detainees and convicts, who have recently been on a long-term hunger strike and highly affected and damaged in this process, do not have any resistance to this virus now. It is clear that situation of detainees and convicts arising from these and similar reasons are at an alarming risk. The dangerous situation on this basis concerns all of us.

Stating the risks are increasing in the overly vulnerable population in prisons, the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights has called for measures to be taken and the release of political prisoners and the ones in prisons due to their thoughts. International health organizations and many international human rights organizations have made similar calls.

The life and safety of thousands of detainees and convicts in prisons are in danger. This situation concerns all of us morally and from a humanitarian understanding. It is certain that any people who have morality and conscience will not be unresponsive and unreactive to any detainees and convicts staying in prisons under these dangerous circumstances.

We witness that the law package recently came to the agenda of the Parliament in Turkey and foresees the penalty remission does not stand on equal rights, excludes the suggestions and warnings of international organizations, and includes discrimination. The coronavirus threatens everyone without differentiating. However, there is discrimination in this package and there is no acceptable aspect of it by the society.

As the institutions the undersigned, we initiate a petition starting from today to ensure that the detainees and convicts in the prisons are released without any discrimination and as soon as possible, before any loss of life. Once again, we demand a fair and equal enforcement law should be issued for the protection of right to health and guarantee of the right to life all of the detainees and convicts, who are under the guarantee of the state; and, all detainees and convicts should be released immediately considering that their life is at risk.

We trust the strength and sensitivity of our people and call for our campaign to reach 1 million signatures in a very short span time.

Campaigned by:

MED TUHAD FED Federation of the Prisoner’s Relatives

MEBYA DER  Association of the People Lost Their Relatives

ANYAKAY DER Anatolia Solidarity and Support Association for the People Lost Their Relatives

Mothers of Peace Assembly

TTB AMED Medical Chamber-Amed

ÖÇD First Child Association

MED Mesopotamia  Literature Association

Migration Platform (Göç Platformu )

Rosa Women Association (Rosa Kadın Derneği )

MEH Mesopotamia Ecology Movement

KESK Confederation of Public Employees Trade Union

Kurdish Writers Association (Komeleya Wejekaren Kurd)

DİK Democratic Islam Congress

DAD Democratic Alevi Associations

DTK  Democratic Society Congress

DBP Democratic Regions Party

TJA  Free Women’s Movement

HDP People’s Democratic Party

ÖHD Lawyers Association for Freedom

HDK  People’s Democratic Congress


Initiative of 78s (78’liler Girişimi)

Star Women Association  

Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform

KKP Kurdistan Communist Party

KDP-T Kurdistan Democratic Party – Turkey

PDK-Bakur  Kurdistan Democrats Platform

DDKD Revolutionary Democrat Cultur Association

AZADÎ Freedom Party

PÎA Human and Freedom Party

Yaşam Evi Association of Şanlıurfa  

Amed City Theatre   

OSAD Middle East Cinema Academy Association

MKM Mesopotamia Culture and Art Center

DKSD Dicle Culture and Art Association

KASED Women Culture Art Literature Association

Aryen Culture and and Art Association

Meyman Culture and and Art Association

Mencel Theatre Tiyatro Mencel

Nupelda Theatre Teatra Nupelda

TMMOB AMED İKK Union of Turkish Architects and Engineers Chamber -Amed Provincial Coord. Board

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