Journalists: KDP cooperates with enemies of Kurds to undermines unity initiatives

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) policies pose a threat to the Kurds and Kurdistan, and Kurdish journalists confirm that the PDK is constantly cooperating with the enemies, moves according to a clan mentality and undermines all unity initiatives.

The PDK’s policies greatly affects the Kurdish people, and Kurdish journalists believe that this policy contributed to a new genocide against the Yezidis, and the Turkish occupation state deep-rooted into Başur Kurdistan.

In this context, journalist Ibrahim Yazidi said: “I do not want to go deep into its history because it is well known, but I will list what I witnessed. At the beginning, the PDK left the Yazidi community between the claws of ISIS mercenaries. The Yazidi bears witness to how thousands of the PDK fighters left Şengal, and handed the Yazidi community to the mercenaries.

Yazidi pointed out that the KDP claims democracy, but in fact, it is a radical Islamic party, and hostile to the Yazidi community. In 1975, as a result of a relationship between the party and some Yezidis, the Yazidis were evacuated from Mount Sinjar, after demolishing dozens of villages in Mount Şengal , and gathered them in one village far from the mountain, and said: “Yes, there was no physical genocide, but it opened the door to a new genocide, causing panic among the Yazidi community.”

‘796 people killed due to the PDK’s inaction

Yazidi indicated that after the collapse of the Ba’ath government, Şengal was directly under the PDK, and on August 14, 2007, a series of explosions hit “Kar Uzair and Siba Sheikh” area, which had entered the area through 4 checkpoints of the PDK, which did not move a finger, and this policy proved the PDK radicalism towards the Yazidi community, according to Yazidi.

The Iraqi Red Crescent estimated at the time that the number of victims of the explosions to 796, and wounded 1,562 others, and this is the bloodiest attack in Iraq after the entry of US forces, and the second largest attack in terms of death toll in the world after the September 11 attacks.

Yazidi noted that after the explosions that affected Kar Uzair and Siba Sheikh, and even before August 2014, the Yazidi community was subjected to harassment by the PDK.

‘Abandoning the Yazidi community to face the ISIS mercenaries’

After ISIS mercenaries took control of the city of Mosul, the Iraqi army withdrew from the vicinity of Şengal , the PDK mobilized in Şengal , and this move revived spirits of the Yazidi community, but these forces withdrew immediately during the ISIS mercenary attack on Şengal on August 3. 2014, leaving the Yazidis in the clutches of the ISIS mercenaries.

In this context, Yazidi says: “After the PDK’s withdrawal from Şengal after the ISIS attack, the Yazidi community realized the danger of this party on the Yazidis religion and culture. At that time, they realized the scheme against it by ISIS, the PDK and Turkey.”

Yazidi noted that the Yazidi community organized itself, supported by the Popular Defense Forces (HPG) and the People and Women Protection Units (YPG,YPJ) who saved the Yazidi community from extermination, and thus the Turkish-PDK-ISIS plan was thwarted.

He stressed that the PDK’s plans against the Yazidi community did not stop even after its withdrawal from Şengal . Therefore, after launching the campaign Şengal Liberation from ISIS, the party’s forces came back to the area. Some of them participated in the campaign, settled in several sites to create conflicts and strife. A number of people were killed in the areas where the party forces had settled and the regions’ villages were subjected to looting and looting.

‘Khana Sour bears witness to the PDK’s crimes’

Yazidi pointed out that the Kurdistan Democrat had always tried to strike at the will of the Yazidi community, and this went into practice on March 3, 2017, during the party’s recruitment of its forces and mercenaries that promoted to the Khana Sour area to confront the Yazidi community, and stressed that the goal of bringing in Roj mercenaries, trained by the Turkish occupation was to pit the people of Rojava against the Yazidi community. Rojava people who first backed the Yazidis after ISIS attacks, and he said: “They realized this scheme by the Turkish state and the PDK, and dealt with it wisely, thwarting the attack in which a number of Yazidis were martyred.

Yazidi stated that “after the failure of the” Khana Sour “attack, the Turkish occupation launched an attack on the area, targeting several centers and points of the Şengal Protection Forces, depending on information provided by the PDK.

Yazidi also revealed that “On November 17, 2017, the PDK withdrew from the areas in which they settled, and opened the way for the Popular Mobilization Forces to enter Şengal , and the Şengal Protection Forces and the Women Protection Forces- Şengal realized the scheme aimed at causing a conflict between the Şengal Forces and the PMF. Therefore, they contacted the Mobilization Forces, that officially recognized Şengal Forces as forces protecting Şengal .

The KDP’s attempts to impose its authority on the Yazidi community, did not stop for a moment, and the last of these attempts was the agreement concluded between the Baghdad government and the PDK on October 9, 2020 under Turkish auspices, to remove its administration.

Journalist Yazidi confirms that these policies are not only dangerous to Şengal, but rather Başur Kurdistan, as the party handed over the cities under its control, such as Hewler and Dohuk, to the Turkish occupation state, that established dozens of military headquarters and offices in those cities, and recruited hundreds of the agents there, he said: “Turkey considers Başûr Kurdistan as its province.”

Yazidi noted that “No one in Başur can speak against the Turkish occupation state, where he is arrested, and there are voices against the Kurdish democracy, especially the people of the Bahdinan region, but it is not enough as people of Başur should uprise against this party.”

‘The Democrat is continuously cooperating with the enemies of the Kurds’

For his part, the specialist in Kurdish affairs, Amir Ahmadi, explained that the PDK’s policies pose a danger to the Kurds as a whole, as it always tries hard to strike any Kurdish activity in Kurdistan, as it did in the past in the Rojhilat of Kurdistan.

Ahmadi said: “In the eighties, during the Kurdish revolution, under the name of the Interim Leadership and in cooperation with the Iranian government, the leaders of the revolution were eliminated and all this was documented, and before that the PDK cooperated with Reza Shah of Iran to strike the Kurdish Revolutionary Movement in Iran.”

Ahmadi indicated that it has liquidated dozens of revolutionaries, militants and leaders, and their bodies have been handed over to Iranian intelligence (SAVAC).

Ahmadi noted that one of the most prominent dangers that the KDP poses to the Kurds and Kurdistan is to blow up all initiatives that seek to unity. He said, “The Kurdistan Freedom Movement has been trying hard for years to unify the Kurdish ranks, but the Democratic Party is undermining these initiatives.”

He noted that the Kurdistan Democratic Party follows the clans’ logic in its policies, and it does not care about the interests of the Kurdish people or cause, and is trying to impose this policy on the direction of Kurdistan through its followers there.

Ahmadi indicated that the deterioration of the economic situation in Başûr Kurdistan is the result of the clan policy pursued by the party, and the Kurdish people must draw lessons from this policy, and said that the party’s policy threatens the Kurds as a whole.