Jurists:Turkey violating international laws, norms in Imrali prison

Human rights activists in ad-Darbasiyah district explained that Turkey is violating international laws and norms in Imrali prison, and is practicing isolation within isolation on the leader Ocalan, calling on human rights organizations to do their duty regarding what Turkey is doing to political detainees.

The Turkish occupation state continues to commit violations and arbitrary measures against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and tighten isolation on him, as it imposed disciplinary sanctions against the leader and three others; denying them of their most basic rights of meeting their families and their lawyers.

The Lawyer and Member of the Investigation and Prosecution Committee at the Justice Office in ad-Darbasiyah district, Walaa al-Ali, explained that the Turkish state headed by the Justice and Development Party pursues policies against laws and human rights in the world, especially with regard to the rights of political detainees in Turkish prisons.

She said: “Turkey does not abide by international laws and even the laws in the Turkish constitution itself, as it does everything in proportion to its interest without taking human rights into account.”

Walaa stated: “According to international laws, after the completion of the investigations, the detainee has the right to meet with their lawyer and family and to implement their demands. Preventing the leader Ocalan from meeting with his family and his lawyers is in violation of international laws and norms, and stripping prisoners of their most basic legal rights is a form of torture and violence.”

Turkey is fighting the leader’s thought

Walaa al-Ali saw that Turkey is trying to prevent the leader Ocalan from communicating with the outside world by preventing him from meeting with his lawyers and family in order to prevent his directives from reaching the world regarding the crises afflicting the Middle East. She said: Turkey is fighting the directives, philosophy and thought of the leader, the only way to solve the Kurdish issue and the issues of the Middle East in general.”

As for the Judge Mahmoud Remo in the Court of Justice in the city of ad-Darbasiyah, he said: “There is no law in the world that prevents a detainee from meeting with their family and lawyer. After issuing a judgment against a detainee or a prisoner, they are entitled to meet with their family once a week.”

Remo believed that Turkey aims to tighten the isolation on the leader to “ignite crises in the Middle East.”

In the conclusion of their speeches, the jurists called on international communities and human rights organizations to do their duty regarding what Turkey is doing with political detainees, stop taking the bystander’s position and impose sanctions on Turkey.