Jumah: Killing of women is crime repeated in the absence of the law

Avin Jumah, co-chair of the Human Rights Organization in Al-Jazeera region, said that the level of human rights is declining in Turkey, especially with regard to women’s rights and public freedoms, as many women are killed and raped annually, on false pretenses or accusations, either out of honor or domestic violence, and all the perpetrators of these abuses are not They are held accountable. “

Violence against women has become a dark part of daily life in Turkey, as women in Turkey are subjected to murder, rape and all kinds of violence on a daily basis, while the Justice and Development Party government has not yet taken any conservative measures against violence against women.

The Convention against Violence against Women, or what is known as the Istanbul Convention, was concluded by the European Council and opened for signature on May 11, 2011 in Istanbul, and entered into force on August 1, 2014, and was specifically designed to confront gender-based and domestic violence, protect victims and prosecute perpetrators in a comprehensive manner effectively.

The Turkish government expressed its intention to withdraw from the “International Convention for the Prevention and Combating of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence” on July 1, according to women’s rights activists, the implementation of the Istanbul Convention is an important and effective way to reduce violence against women, and the signatory countries pledged to create appropriate conditions for this. In practice, however, the legal rules of the agreement were not implemented, and the proposed offers of assistance and protection for women were not implemented.

Women’s reactions to Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul agreement continued in all Turkish cities, as feminist movements took to the squares to reject Turkey’s withdrawal from the agreement, especially amid the increase in cases of killing women, but these protests were met with raids and arrests of women by the Turkish police.

The administrator of the human rights organization in Al-Jazeera region, Avin Jumah, said in a special statement to our agency: “The level of human rights in Turkey is declining, especially with regard to women’s rights and public freedoms. All perpetrators of these crimes are not held accountable due to the leniency of Turkish law, despite the Istanbul Convention that protects women and children signed in 2011. “

Annually, more than 285 women are killed in Turkey

Avin added: “Turkey has not implemented the convention, but rather has increased violations and crimes against women. Annually, more than 285 women are killed, the most recent of which is the rape of the young woman Iyak Ar in Aylah by a Turkish police officer called Musa Orhan, who committed suicide because of not bearing what happened with her, while the rapist was released without being charged or held legally accountable, considering that such violations of women’s rights hinder the issue of public freedoms and the protection of rights that are essentially receding in Turkey.

Women in the occupied territories live in hell

The occupied areas in northern Syria are not exempt from the brutal violence against women, Avin said: “Any place where Turkey is existed, whether it is inside or outside where women are subjected to killing, torture and kidnapping, we mention the regions of northern Syria, as all the areas under their control are deprived of their rights, Where more than 60 cases of killing of women were documented in Afrin this year, in addition to documenting cases of women who were raped by the armed factions of the Turkish state that controls the region, as well as in Sere Kaniye and Tal Abyad, we witness the people’s eruption due to women being killed, raped or Harassment or forced marriage, because women in these areas are suffering from great pressure from the Turkish occupation. “

On Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul agreement, Avin said: As a result of the decline in the level of human rights and the inability to implement this agreement, it currently wants to withdraw from it so that it is not obligated to implement it.