Lawyers Union in Al-Jazeera: Turkey did not abide by Human rights laws

The co-chair of the Lawyers Union in Al-Jazeera region, Shahin Lali, indicated that the Turkish state does not abide by the human rights laws and charters issued in 1948.

Hawar news agency ANHA interviewed with the co-chair of the Lawyers Union in Al-Jazeera region, Shahin Lali said that the Turkish occupation state is escalating its attacks on peoples fighting for freedom, arresting politicians, journalists and human rights activists, and does not abide by human rights charters and laws, adding that the Turkish state arrest MPs who the people elected them by willingly, thus confirming their rejection of the people and their will. “

Shahin Lali explained that the Turkish state violates the 30 articles in the human rights law issued in 1948, and said, “Just as the Turkish state’s policies are incompatible with the United Nations laws on the rights of freedom, expression, thought, and even life, there are many risks because of this anti-human rights situation in Turkey.”

Lali noted that the people in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan, “Northern Kurdistan”, are subjected to violence and arrest, and they live in tight isolation, as they are not allowed to take a single step without the approval of the state, nor are they allowed to raise their voices, and whoever raises his voice and rejects these policies is exposed to arrest and torture, and Turkish prisons are now full of those demanding their rights, and demonstrating for them.

Danger threatens the right to life and freedom in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan ′

Lali explained that the Turkish state is going through a difficult phase, and he said in this context, “There is a threat to human rights and freedom in Turkey and in Bakur Kurdistan, as they are removing the people from the situation, by preoccupying them with a lot the problems, and they launch attacks on other countries, and we must know that Turkey attacks are launched on northern and eastern Syria, Libya, Idlib and Armenia, due to the crises they are experiencing at home, and wherever there are dirty policies against the people, and anywhere, the Turkish state has a hand in them.

Criminals are free, innocents are in prison ′

He said, “The Turkish state has no position against the crimes that are committed against the culture of society and morals, and he continued,” The state releases its supporters who are against peoples and their freedom, and tries to preserve its viability by releasing the perpetrators of theft, rape and judicial crimes, because these criminals support on the other hand, those who reject immoral crimes against society are arrested and tried, and all those who claim their rights are thrown into prison. That is why it is difficult to talk about justice in a country where criminals are at liberty, and the innocent are in prison. “

The end of dictatorships and authoritarian states collapse’

He touched on the issue of detainees in Turkish state prisons, saying, “They are trying to form a society according to their interests. Their goal is a society without a will that does not recognize diversity. Their slogan is” one flag, one language, and one nation “, and they impose it on society, and history proves that the end of states is dictatorship and tyranny is the collapse, and when looking at the Turkish internal crises, we find that they are not far from collapse, and they are now living in the explosion phase, as the Turkish state is experiencing a stage of legal, political and economic collapse.

In the context of his speech, Shahin Lali said, “There are many reports confirming the relationship between the Turkish state and mercenaries such as ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra, but there is no practical step towards the violations they commit.” All violations in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan, especially the arrest of journalists and human rights defenders, are for the sake of protection of the Turkish state. “

‘You must intervene to stop the Turkish state from its illegal policies

At the end of his speech, the co-chair of the Lawyers Union in Al-Jazeera region addressed Shahin to international institutions and organizations concerned with human rights, and said, “They have implemented human rights laws. The Turkish state has crossed borders, arrest, massacres and violence are crimes against humanity, and the Turkish state must intervene to stop its anti-human policies that violate the law. “