Peace Mothers of Maxmur in sit-in

Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp has been under embargo for 62 days since the attack on a restaurant in Hewlêr targeting Turkish consulate employees.

On July 17 in Hewlêr, three people lost their lives in a restaurant attack against Turkish consulate employees. One of these was the Turkish Secret Services (MIT) official in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq. Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp has been under embargo for 61 days since the attack.

For 18 days, the Peace Mothers from Maxmur are holding a resistance action at the KDP public order (Asayish) forces checkpoint. The mothers’ sit-in has been going on since 1 September, when the mothers were refused a meeting with the KDP public order forces to discuss the lifting of the embargo.

Mothers are sitting on the edge of the street and continue their action despite the heat.

The security forces at the checkpoint do not allow mothers to receive visitors.

The embargo is affecting the life of refugees in Maxmur in many ways. Two women have miscarried because they could not be brought to a hospital in Hewlêr and doctors at the camp are already complaining of a shortage of medicines.

Likewise many refugees who worked in Hewlêr and other parts of Başur have lost their jobs because of the embargo.