Prisoner Executed, Civil Rights Activists arrested in Iran

A prisoner executed and another one at the risk of execution in the coming Days. Two civil rights activists taken to prison and a Kolbar shot dead by Iranian border guards this week in Iran.

A prisoners, sentenced to execution on the charge of “premeditated murder”,” was hanged at Mahabad prison on December 7, local informed sources told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Kamal Asghari, 23, from Mahabad was arrested 3 years ago on charges of premeditated murder and sentenced to “retribution”(execution).

This prisoner from Mahabad was arrested in September 2017 along with Daniel Diwani, Azar and Daniel Zein al-Abedin on the charge of the premeditated murder of Sadegh Barmaki. He was sentenced to death by the Mahabad Criminal Court. This sentence was upheld in November 2018 by Branch 37 of the Supreme Court.

Daniel Zein al-Abedin, one of the defendants in this case who was under the age of 18 at the time of his arrest, died in April during a riot in Mahabad Prison as a result of torture by security forces in the prison.The other defendant in this case, Daniel Diwani-Azar, had been reportedly transferred to Miandoab prison and his death sentence was set for Wednesday, December 09.

Salar Ghazali and Saman Ghazali, civil activists in Mahabad, have been transferred to Mahabad Prison after 75 days of temporary detention.

The two brothers were arrested by security forces on September 17 and transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre in Urmia. During this time, Saman Ghazali has been on a 15-day hunger strike in protest to his continued detention.

Saman Ghazali and Salar Ghazali were deprived of the right to contact and visit their families while being held in the detention centre in Urmia. They have been charged with collaborating with a Kurdish opposition party. Saman Ghazali is a final year student of Master of Sociology at Boroujerd University and Salar Ghazali is a graduate of Razi University of Kermanshah.

Forces stationed at the checkpoint of the border village of “Kuzerash” in Salmas, West Azerbaijan Province, fired at a group of Kurdish border porters–known as Kolbar- from a close range. As a result, a Kolbar named Farzad Saaduzadeh was shot in the head On Sunday, December 06, local sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The 41-year-old Kolbar was from the village of Koozeh Rash and the father of two children. His body was taken to Salmas Hospital and it has not been handed over to his family yet. The group of Kolbars were reportedly carrying cigarettes to Turkey when targeted by border guards.