Prisoners say they are “left to die”

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause dead all over the world, yet the AKP-MHP government is continuing to keep political and sick prisoners in jail.

Necdet Abi is in Van F Type Closed Prison. He said through his brother Meral Abi: “Our life is in danger here.”

Zekiye Orhan, wife of Abdullah Orhan, who is also in the Van T Type Closed Prison said: “There has been no new development in the food, drink and cleaning.”

Hüseyin Karabulut’s wife, Rengin Karabulut, who is in Rize Kalkandere L Type Closed Prison, also said that the conditions are not healthy.

Nesimi Kalkan, who has been in prison for 27 years and is in Şırnak T Type Closed Prison, has not been given gluten-free foods for days because there is no cook. His wife, Taybet Kalkan said: “My husband cannot consume normal meals. He has been experiencing joint pain, diarrhea, stomach contraction and headaches for days.”

Nazlı Solgun is held in Kayseri Bünyan Women’s Closed Prison. She said that she had not been taken to hospital despite suffering from sore throat and problems with her eyes for 3 weeks and that she was kept in quarantine with her 2 friends. “They almost left us to die,” said Solgun.
“The prison prosecutor and the director didn’t want to test us for coronavirus. They do not allow us to share our problems with our family. We have not been taken to the hospital.”

In Metris R Type Closed Prison, 3 prisoners with disabilities continue to be kept in jail. 2 of the prisoners are suffering from severe disability and are unable to look after themselves.

Sedal Yıldırım (27) is 98 percent disabled, and Abdullah Turan (23) is paralyzed below his neck. Engin Aktaş (32) has one hand missing and his a tuberculosis patient. The Forensic Medicine Institute has reported that Aktaş, who has been detained for 9 years, cannot stay in prison yet he has not been released. Despite being seriously ill, the reason given to refuse their release is “risk of escape”.