Reverse law in Roboski: 34 died, 34 people from the victim families sued

The legal process regarding the Roboski Massacre, which is said to not disappear in the “tunnels of Ankara”, is working backwards. While the perpetrators are being acquitted, there are countless law suits against the villagers two of whom are currently behind bars.

9 years have passed since 34 people from Roboski were bombed because they were a threat to evergrowing Turkish economy. Tons of bombs were dropped over them in exchange for two cans of diesel, a kilo of tea and suger, carried by mules. Later, the lawsuits opened in military and civilian courts were closed one by one. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the file because the attorneys submitted the files two days late.

A reverse legal process is working for Roboski. Veli Encu, brother of Serhat Encu who died in the bombing and Barış Encu, brother of Nevzat Encu who died in the bombing are behind bars for protesting the bombing. Most families were sued for violating borders, distracting the court, protesting, organizing actions and activities and taking photographs.


The law suit against 34 people including Ferhat Encu who are accused of ‘propagandizing a terrorist organization’, ‘insulting the military officials’ and ‘attempting murder’ for protesting the District Governor Naif Yavuz continues. Currently 16 families are on trial in Şırnak High Criminal Court for participating in the vigils. Although there was a non-prosecution decision on the 500 days vigil, people are fined between 1 thousand and 3 thousand liras.

Veli Encu who lost his brother at he bombing is behind bars for 2 years now, and he will continue to be there for 3 more years. There are 5 more law suits filed against him.

Barış Encu, brother of Nevzat Encu who died at the bombing is in prison for 2 years to serve his sentence of 6 years and 3 months for tweeting about the Roboski bombing.


Salih Encü’s mother Amina Encu told about the pressure applied on them for not accepting to close the deal with compensation. Stating that they were prevented from visiting the graveyard as a group on Saturdays to pray, Encu said: “They were constantly warning us. They told us they thought our children were terrorists and they bombed them because of it and we should remain silent and not sue. We visited the our children’s graves. They were stopping us by force. They didn’t even allow us to visit them.”


Leyla Encu, mother of Şirvan Encu said: “They are suing us. Not the killers of our children. What have we done? They murdered our children. They fined us for visiting the place they were bombed. Wouldn’t Tayyip Erdoğan go to the place where his son were murdered if he was in our place? Now they are all acquitted and we are standing trial after trial.”

Erkan Encu’s (13) mother Felek Encu said: “They fined us for distracting the legal system. We will never stop suffering. The only way to ease our pain a little is to prosecute their killers. We didn’t allow our son to clean the snow off the roof, now he is lying there in the snow.”