Rights violations in Tarsus Prison exposed

It has been disclosed that the prison administration of Tarsus threatened prisoners with threats such as “You don’t deserve to live, we can do anything to you”.

Gazi Muratoğlu, one of the prisoners in Tarsus No.1 T Type Closed Prison, told his mother Hanım Muratoğlu whom he met in prison on 18 December about the threats of the prison administration and the harassment they are subjected to.

Muratoğlu also said that sick prisoners, especially Nesip Yapici and Mustafa Abi, are not treated despite the demands for their referral to hospital.

The prisoner told: “When the problems are discussed with the administration, prisoners are dismissed with threats such as ‘You are PKK members, we can do anything to you if we want. You don’t deserve to live’.

Sick elderly detainees are kept standing in the corridor for hours. All activities are prohibited. Goods that come with cargo are not allowed. Canteen goods are too expensive for us to buy them. A systematic torture continues.”

The mother of Gazi Muratoğlu, who has two sons in prison, applied to Mersin Branch of Human Rights Association (IHD) for legal support against the increasing rights violations in Tarsus Prison.

Ms. Muratoğlu said she was worried about the safety of her son and other prisoners.