At least 2,600 Yazidi women and children still missing

Chairman of the German Central Council of Yazidis, Irfan Ortaç, said that there are at least still 2 thousand 600 Yazidi women and children missing.

Ortaç said that despite the fact that thousands of Yazidis had been able to finally return to their land in Shengal, many of them are still missing.

He recalled that five years have passed since the defeat of ISIS in Shengal in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, but the fate of so many women and children is still unknown.

“We know that there are many survivors”, he noted, underlining that many women and children have been brought to Turkey, Syria and Iraq itself, but many others have been taken to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen.

Ortaç called on the international institutions to investigate the role of Turkey in smuggling the kidnapped Yazidi women and children, as many surivors who have been freed have spoken of the role of Turkey in the smuggling of women.