Yazidi girl exposes Daesh ISIS atrocities

Yazidi survivor Najla Saeed Ismail indicated that ISIS mercenaries had transferred a number of Yazidi women to Turkey, including her sister, said that if it had not left us a lone by the governments of Baghdad and Başûr Kurdistan, we would not have reached where we are today.

Yazidi survivor Najla Saeed Ismail is 23 years old, from the village of Tal Qasab in Şengal province, whose family consisted of her parents, 7 young women and 3 Youngman, she was kidnapped with her family when she was 17 years old when ISIS mercenaries launched their brutal attack on Şengal province, and she was captured at ISIS’ hands with her 6 siblings after the Peshmerga abandoned Şengal province, and her Yazidi family left an easy prey for ISIS mercenaries.

Najla was released after 7 years of misery, and she told Hawar news agency (ANHA) the horrors of what happened to her, and she said that they were living in peace and safety before the attack of ISIS mercenaries, since in the middle of one night the sounds of bursts of bullets were heard, at which time the Peshmerga fled before the arrival of ISIS mercenaries to Şengal.

Najla tried hard to speak her mother tongue, Kurdish, but she could not speak more than a few words, except that she speaks the Arabic language fluently because she had an Arab family of Iraqi origin.

Najla explained that they fled to the mountain after the attack and hid in a house, but to no avail, as ISIS mercenaries attacked and kidnapped them. After we were kidnapped, the women were put in cars, the girls in other cars, the men in other cars, and then the women and girls were transported to a semi-desert place where there is nothing in Mosul, while the men were taken to the prison, and then the mercenaries transferred the women and girls to a school in the city of Tal Afar. They were imprisoned for a month there. ”

The mercenaries rape the Yazidi minors

Najla added that the mercenaries began to take girls between the ages of 10 to 15 years, and she said that the most horrific thing she saw in that village was the exposure of young Yazidi girls to being raped by 5 or 6 mercenaries. That they are infidels, and it is permissible for mercenaries to marry them, and they must be members of the Islamic State.

Najla clarified that after orders came from the leader of ISIS mercenaries, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to divide the spoils, according to what they said, she was transferred with her sister to Ba’aj, and then she was forcibly married to a mercenary named Khalaf Jamil, married and has 5 children, who was killed in the battle of al-Baghouz town after 3 years of Najla’s captivity.

Najla moved to all the places where ISIS was present. al-Baaj, al-Raqqa, al-Mayadin, al-Baghouz, al-Busirah, and the last of al-Ghuwairan neighborhood in the city of Hasakah.

Najla saw the woes at the hands of ISIS mercenaries from beatings, insults, insults, forced marriage, and the imposition of the Islamic religion on her, including wearing the veil, prayer and fasting, and she pointed out that during her captivity, she saw many Yazidi girls commit suicide as a result of the violations and brutal practices they were subjected to at the hands of mercenaries.

The fate of her family is still unknown

Najla clarified that her parents and brother, in addition to her uncle and son, were lost during their kidnapping by ISIS mercenaries, and their fate is still unknown, but 4 of her sisters managed to escape from ISIS mercenaries, and the fate of one of her sisters is still unknown, and she communicated with Najla nearly since 3 years ago, she told her that she was in Turkey, then her contact was cut off and they did not allow her to speak any more.

She pointed out that she was afraid of recognizing her identity because ISIS mercenaries planted in them fear of an unknown fate, but after she was able to provide the Internet, she contacted her sister through the Facebook application, and she in turn contacted her relatives in the village of Khirbet Ghazal, located on the outskirts of Ad-Darbasiyah district, to be Inform the Asayish of the woman who in turn delivered her to the Yazidi house in Al-Jazeera region, to be handed over to her family in Şengal in the coming days.

If the government of Baghdad and the region of Başûr Kurdistan had not left us, we would not have reached where we are today

At the conclusion of her speech, Najla wished that all Yazidi women would be freed from ISIS mercenaries and returned to their families in the district of Sinjar, she also denounced the position of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) about what the Yazidis were subjected to and said: “If they had not left us and fled, we would not have reached where we are today,” Therefore, we reject all agreements that they enter into at the expense of the Yazidi people. ”

It is noteworthy that on the third of August 2014, ISIS mercenaries invaded Şengal province the districts and villages affiliated to it, and carried out massacres against the Yazidis, and mass executions by slaughtering or firing bullets, and the bodies were buried in mass graves, some of which are still discovered until now, and took women and girls as slaves for mercenaries who used various types of violence and torture against them.