People of Qamishlo march to the UN Representation

Thousands of people gathered in front of the 12 March Stadium in Qamishlo city and staged a march to the United Nations (UN) Representation demanding the inclusion of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in the works of the Syrian Constitutional Committee.

Thousands of people from Arab, Kurdish and Syriac communities as well as representatives of Cizire Region Autonomous Administration and civil society organizations joined the march.

Speaking here, Cizire Region Autonomous Administration Council Co-president Nezira Kewriye pointed out the efforts of the Syrian regime, Turkey and occupation states to keep the peoples of North and East syria out of dialogues, adding; “A constitution that excludes the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria will cause the chaos in Syria to continue, and bring no solution.”

Following speeches, a 6 person delegation representing Kurdish, Arab and Syriac communities and religious leaders submitted the UN Representation a petition highlighting their demand.

The delegation said that they will also send the petition to the UN Representation in Damascus, then to Washington and authorities working on the Syrian constitutional committee.