People of Sherawa hold international and human rights organizations responsible for Turkish massacres

Afrin displaced and people of Sherawa district hold the international and human rights organizations responsible for their silence on violations by the occupying Turkish state by targeting civilians in Al-Shehba district and Sherawa district.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue shelling the crowded villages with civilians almost on daily basis in Sherawa and Shaara district of Afrin canton, as well as to the villages of Al-Shehba.

During the funeral ceremony of the civilian martyr, Ali Manla, who was martyred by the Turkish occupation army and his mercenary in the village of Aqiba on Monday morning, a number of residents condemned the Turkish attacks and held the international organizations responsible for their silence for the violations and crimes of the Turkish state against civilians in Afrin.

Widad Mohammed, a resident of Afrin canton who was displaced from her home and is living in Sherawa district, confirmed that the Turkish state of occupation, was trying by bombing villages in Sherawa district, to empty the area and villages of their population.

“The villages on Afrin vicinity in Sherawa district are paying the price for the air and artillery bombardment on Aleppo countryside and Idlib by the Syrian regime forces and Russian forces,” Widad said.

“The Turkish occupation bombing on villages aims to empty villages of residents in addition to stealing property, as it did in Afrin, but Sherawa people district are steadfast and resisting in the face of the shelling, stressing their commitment to their land and without giving up,” Mohammed Kengo, a citizen said.

” Kengo blamed the international and human rights organizations for Turkey’s crimes against civilians in Afrin and Al-Shehba for its silence over its violations.

From her attacks part, Nahla Qassem, a citizen, condemned the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries shelling on the villages of Sherawa district and called on the international organizations to break their silence and stop their practices.

In the conclusion, Aslihan Ali stressed that the bombing of the Turkish occupation is targeting unarmed civilians. While the Kurdish people are calling for safety and peace, the Turkish occupation aims to exterminate and make a demographic change in their areas.

It is worth mentioning that the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries committed a massacre against children in Tel Rifaat area on January 2, in which 10 civilians, including 8 children, were killed, in addition to the death of another child last week, while the elderly citizen Ali Manla was martyred on Monday during the occupation Turkish shelling on his home in the village of Aqiba.