Saturday Mothers seek justice in their 815th action

Human rights defenders and relatives of missing persons continue to demand answers regarding the fate of those who were disappeared by the state under custody in Turkey.

The Saturday Mothers held their 815th action on 7 November. Vowing not to give up the struggle, the Saturday Mothers said, “Our waiting, our longing, our anger are not proscribed”.

Families asked about the fate of Hüseyin Toraman, who was disappeared in İstanbul in 1991. Hüseyin’s mother, Hatice Toraman, who spoke on digital media during the action, said the state took no notice of missing persons and the sorrows of the Saturday Mothers did not come to an end.

Families also asked about the fate of Ender Toğcu, missing since 1994 in Diyarbakır.

Human Rights Association Diyarbakır Branch executive Gurbet Yavuz presented the 613th action on digital media.