Unmanned aerial vehicles from Turkey bomb Barê in Sinjar

A Yazidi (Êzîdî‎) town in Sinjar in Iraqi Kurdistan was bombed by unmanned aerial vehicles from Turkey. Call of Yazidis in PDF

According to local sources, the airstrike took place on 8 November at around 6.30 pm local time.

The bombs targeted a car belonging to ‘Nasir al-Mubin’ forces in the vicinity of Xelef in the town of Barê. Residents of Sinjar travelled to the scene after the attack and condemed the attacks by Turkey. Some residents were reported as saying: “We will stand against all the brutal attacks of the Turkish state and we will insist on the struggle”.

The Nasr al-Mubin forces in Shengal (Sinjar) made a statement regarding the attack carried out by the invading Turkish state in a village of Shengal last night.

The statement said that the Turkish state carried out an attack with an Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SIHA) at 18.30 yesterday evening.


The statement said, “In this attack, a civilian working in the drilling of water wells in the region was killed and one of our fighter was injured. This attack was carried out directly by MIT (Turkey’s intelligence service) and KDP forces. This attack is a continuation of the agreement made by the Turkish state and KDP on 9 October. The attack aimed at breaking the will of the people of the region.”


The statement continued: “A dirty plan is introduced to attack Nasr al-Mubin that has resisted the enemy for years, and has had hundreds of martyrs. We call out again to the KDP and warn them: Do not make friends with those who are enemies of the oppressed peoples, do not nurture enmity towards the people of Shengal. Give up your conspiratorial plans and attacks.


Since 3 August 2014, the KDP has officially attacked Shengal and our forces twice. 13 of our members were martyred in the attacks organized by the KDP in Sherfeddin and Khanasor last year. Air strikes were carried out in our areas in cooperation with the KDP, and 10 were martyred both from our forces and our people. In the investigation conducted after the last air strikes against our areas, it was revealed that the attacks were carried out twice by the KDP and the Turkish state’s intelligence. To maintain peace in Shengal, we have not considered these attacks of the KDP as a “casus belli”.


We have always taken a stand to ensure that Shengal has peace and stability. However, the KDP should also know that; if we do not consider all these attacks as casus belli, it does not mean that we do not have the strength to fight. Everyone knows the strength we have demonstrated in our fight against ISIS. However, we never wanted the Kurdish cause to be harmed, we never wanted a war among the Kurds. Therefore, we have always acted responsibly and carefully.

If the KDP continues to maintain its hostile stance, we will also have to answer. We again call on the KDP to give up this stance.”