Seriously ill prisoner Turan remains in prison

The Constitutional Court rejected the demand to release seriously ill prisoner Abdullah Turan, who is paralyzed from the neck down, despite a report confirming that he cannot stay in prison.

The application filed to the Constitutional Court (AYM) for the release of Abdullah Turan, a seriously ill prisoner, bedridden and paralyzed from the neck down, in Metris No. 2 R Type Closed Prison, was rejected.

The AYM rejected the application despite the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) saying that the man ” cannot stay in prison”.

Turan, who was taken to Başakşehir City Hospital twice the same night after taking ill on 24 November, was sent back to prison without being treated after a routine examination at the hospital. He was put in a quarantine cell, and his application for release was rejected. The justification for the dismissal was that “medical treatment was applied in the institution, physical therapy and rehabilitation program were carried out daily and personal needs were met by patient care personnel…”

The reality is very different
Attorney Vedat Ece, who said that the reasons given by AYM for Turan’s not being released do not reflect the reality, added that there was no place in the hospital due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency and that therefore he was not treated.

Lawyer Vedat Ece also said that Turan was taken back to the prison on 7 December. He stated that he got ill and was hospitalized again. Ece shared the information that Turan was also taken back to the prison and put in the quarantine ward. Lawyer Ece emphasized that Turan’s situation is still serious and that he should be released urgently.