Gülmen: “Recent torture method: is-she-dead checks”

Another letter arrived from Nuriye Gülmen, who is now on the 142nd day of her hunger strike. Gülmen’s lawyers posted the letter on social media, and it says: “As hunger continues, you don’t get more hungry than the day before, but your mind, emotions, thoughts and your whole being just gets hungrier and hungrier.

Gülmen sai that you fall further in love with a tangible justice, bread and freedom, you long for it.”

Gülmen said she was dealing with nightly controls to “see if she’s dead yet”, and added that it was very disturbing and is the most recent method of torture. Gülmen stated that she is at a very high risk of infection as her immune system has shut down, and added: “But who cares about my health, right? They are all doing their job. Because there are orders from the ministry.”

Gülmen said: “We must resist. If nothing else, for human dignity.”

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