Torture exposed in Manisa T Type Closed Prison

In Manisa T Type Closed Prison, prisoners who rejected the standing count in a 20-person ward last Thursday were tortured in a dark room. According to information given by the same prisoners, they were dragged to the ground by the guards. Prisoners with many torture marks on their bodies were also not treated.

The attack was exposed during a weekly telephone conversation between 24 years prisoner Mehmet Tekin (46) and his brother Hacı Tekin. Tekin said that his brother told him that his cheekbone was broken, blood was coming from his feet and his ribs were broken.

Tekin said that the guards seized prisoners’ books, diaries and many other things during the raid in the ward.

Tekin reported what his brother told him as follows: “They beat all the prisoners there. My brother ended up with a broken cheekbone, blood is coming from his feet, his ribs are bad. When we talked over the phone, my brother said they had been seen by doctors very late. He added that there was material and little physical violence before, but this time the violence was very serious. There are cameras in the prison corridor.”

Tekin underlined that his brother is a sick prisoner and that he was taken to the hospital many times because of a cyst in his brain.

Tekin said he will apply to all institutions dealing with the violations of rights in prisons, especially the Human Rights Association (IHD), the Lawyers and Solidarity Associations with Families of Detainees and Convicted.

Tekin called on everyone to reject this violence against prisoners and added that he was very worried after the telephone conversation he had with his brother.