Tortured by the police are remanded in custody

M.E.C and F.A, who were remanded in custody after being detained in Amed. Two people who were detained with M.A were released on bail.

M.E.C., M.A and F.A., were taken into custody as part of an investigation launched by the prosecutor’s office on the killing of a police officer in the 5 Nisan neighbourhood in Bağlar, Amed. Two more people were detained afterwards and transferred to Diyarbakır Courthouse after giving statements to the police.

Following the remarks by the prosecutor’s office, M.E.C., M.A and F.A. were remanded in custody and sent to the Magistrates Court, while the other 2 people were released on bail.

A photo of M.E.C., showed him being subjected to torture at the police station.