Turkish jets bomb Shengal, Maxmur and Qandil

The Turkish state has launched a wave of air raids in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq tonight. The strikes targeted several positions in the regions of Qandil, Maxmur and Shengal (Sinjar), including a refugee camp and hospital.

The bombardment has begun at 00:00 local time and is reported to be continuing at the moment. As many as 20 fighter jets are reportedly joining the aggression before which dozens of jets were dispatched to Amed.

Several locations were shelled during the ongoing bombardment in Shengal and Khanasor regions, including the Serdesht Hospital.

Several locations have been bombed in the aerial bombardment in Maxmur region continues and residents of the camp have taken to the streets to protest against the attack. Reports from the ground say that the bombardments have started a fire in the agricultural land in the surroundings of the camp. The activity of reconnaissance aircraft is continuing.

Several locations bombed in the Medya Defense Zones, including  Çiyayê Direbî, Kozînê, Balayan and Çiyayê Nasir in Qandil. The sounds of the air raids can be heard from Derik city of Rojava.

Turkey’s airstrikes in the Serdesht region of Shengal has left some civilians wounded.
Journalist Ibrahim Ezidi spoke to Sterk TV and said that the airstrikes in the Serdesht region has resulted In injuries among civilians.

The Serdesht region, where a hospital has also been targeted by Turkey’s air raids, houses a refugee camp where survivors of the ISIS genocide in Shengal in 2014 are sheltered.

The airstrikes on Maxmur region targeted the Martyr Rüstem Cudi refugee camp, Mount Qarachok and Mishtenur area. The bombardment on Maxmur region has targeted civilian settlements from 00.00 to 00.40 local time. While residents of the camp left for the scene of the aggression, their convoy was also hit by the continued bombardment.The heavy shelling did not result in a loss of life but started a fire in the fields where civilians graze their cattle. During the midnight attack, electricity was also cut off.

The residents of Martyr Rustem Camp said that they will continue to protest the aggression of the Turkish state, and said their message to Turkey is clear: “We will not give up our struggle for freedom”.
Reports are coming through of ongoing aerial reconnaissance activity over the region in the wake of the attacks.

Since 2017 the Turkish state attacks against Maxmur killed at least 14 refugees
Turkish warplanes have escalated their attacks on Maxmur Camp, where more than 12,000 refugees live. Although the camp is under UN protection, there has no reaction to these attacks.

On 6 December 2017, 5 people died and 3 were injured as a result of the Turkish state’s airstrike.

A year later on 13 December 2018, a new air attack was carried out against Maxmur. A 73-year-old woman, her 26-year-old daughter, her 14-year-old grandson and a 23-year-old young woman were killed in the airstrike.

On 18 July 2019, Turkish fighter jets killed 2 camp residents in Maxmur.

An armed unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the Turkish state bombed Maxmur on 15 April 2020, killing 3 women.

Video footages of Turkish bombing of Shengal
Last night, civilian settlements were targeted by the invading Turkish state in Shengal. We are publishing images of the bombing in Shengal we received.