Violations continuous against Afrin people, amid international silence

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries stationed in Mara, yesterday, the village of Umm al-Hawsh, belonging to Ahras district in the canton of al-Shahba, targeted more than ten mortar shells and artillery.

In this context, the Hawar news agency (ANHA) met the people of Afrin in the village of Umm al-Hawsh. The residents denounced the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. They condemned the silence of the Syrian regime and Russia and called on human rights organizations to intervene and stop these violations.

The citizen Abdul Hamid Ismail said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are targeting safe and populated villages with more than ten shells in order to empty the villages and occupy it.

Ismail stressed that what the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are doing is “contrary to international and human norms” and stressed that they will continue to resist them despite all violations.

The citizen Mustafa Rashid said in this regard, “the bombing of the Turkish occupation and mercenaries last night villages or villages of Umm al-Hawsh and Hirbel more than ten shells.”

The citizen Fayik Ibrahim said that “The presence of the forces of the Syrian regime and the Russian forces in the bombed areas of al-Shahab, where forces of the Syrian regime and Russia are existed there, which claim that they are protecting these areas, but both are silent about these violations,” he said.

Ibrahim called on all human rights and humanitarian organizations to stand by the people and reduce the Turkish violations and its mercenaries in Syria.

Afrin women: We will not surrender to occupation this land is ours
A number of Afrin canton ‘s women who are residing in al-Shahba camp have stressed that they witnessed Turkish occupation’s atrocities in Afrin and what it did against their children and they will not allow Turkey to repeat this in northern Syria and will continue to resist and will not back down from their demand for liberation Afrin.

The citizen Amina Abdo said: “The Turkish occupation army attacked us with its artillery and aircraft and occupied our land. Now they are killing innocent people and raping women in front of the world. We had witnessed what Turkish occupation had done in our homeland. Such as killing, raping…. etc, who kills our children in front of our eyes, we, as Afrin women, will not allow Turkey to take another occupation. “

“As Afrin women, they will continue their resistance in al- Shahba camps and will liberate Afrin city from Turkish occupation and its mercenaries,” she said.

“We will not surrender to the occupation. Every piece of land in Syria is ours and we have granted blood for it. We will fight and withstand up to the Turkish threats and we will not back down from our demand for Afrin,” said Fatima Prem.

The citizen Amina Saliba said, “We don’t understand what Turkey wants from us, and what fear it claims on its borders, we are protecting our borders from their mercenaries, and today they say they will fight terrorists, but it is the terrorist who kills innocent children without pity and occupies territories.”