Women politicians ask for international cooperation on Turkish crimes

The women in north and east of Syria were considerably mistreated by Turkish occupation and its gangs, especially in the occupied areas, in addition to politicians, lawyers and journalists’ women inside Turkey were exposed to suppress, preventing them to express their views, and arrest them on daily basis.  

The general coordinator of the Syrian Woman Council Lina Barakat has explained that Turkey’s policies and approach saying:” the Turkish role is not a hidden one, since the outset of the Syrian Revolution it has been interfering in Syria, which is not hidden, many evidences have documented that prove it has established training bases on its territories to train ISIS mercenaries to send them to Syria.     

Lina made clear that Turkey formed different armed faction under different names, and tried to commit crimes against Syrian civilians and exploiting them and occupy the Syrian territories and annex them, and indicated that:” there is a contradiction between what is being said and what is done on the ground, its backing of the armed factions is a crime must be held accountable”. 

Lina called for an international move to hold the all culprits accountable and to document all crimes.  

Turkey has never protected female refugees

On what the feminist institutions are being done in north and east Syria of appeals and calls, Lina said:” unfortunately, till now there has been no human rights concerned parties that respond to our calls and appeals, sometimes, some violations are mentioned in some reports only,” clarifying that they hold symposium, conferences and dialogue cessions to back women’s rights and to stand to violations they face in the areas occupied by Turkey.   

Lina pointed out that Turkey has never protected Syrian female refuges on inside Turkey, where they have severely suffered from the underage marriages, and sex enslavement, saying:” so, files have to be made ready with serious cooperation from the part of human rights organizations to observe and forward these breaches to the international courts”. 

Political gambling and joint international interests in favor of Turkey 

Lina touched upon the international silence, saying:” as it appears, there are political gambling and international interests that back the Turkish role in the region, for Erdogan has many files by which he could press on the international players to turn a blind eye to his interference in many regions not only in Syria, as he interferes today in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.”

Turkey breaches all international laws

For her part, Georgette Barsoum, member in the Women’s Council in North and East of Syrian made clear that:” recently the fact-finding committee of the United Nations Human Rights has documented some violations that are merely just nothing if compared to overall crimes committed in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries.”  

Barsoum pointed out that the Turkish state was established on violations against peoples of the region, for its history is clear and its occupation are still going on, and extends in Libyan, Greece and Armenia, for every day it’s colonial greed increase”.  

Georgette touched on the Turkish internal situation saying:” Turkey has widened its violations against peoples, for it names Christians and Armenians as remnants of the sword, which is a very dangerous term on all components, by which they confirm that they proceed to hold the sword to behead all components and exterminate them, in addition to political and legal violations, and on the domains of media and arresting MPs, for it beaches all what is legal and internally and externally.”   

At the end of her interview, Georgette called on all international feminist and human rights organizations to put an end to Turkey’s violations and legal offenses that being committed in Syria, and to visit the occupied areas in north and east Syria to document the Turkish crimes.