51 political and religious prisoners transferred to the new High-Security Ward of the prison in Iran

On November 19, the Special Guards of Orumiyeh Central Prison entered the political prisoner’s ward and, after inspecting and confiscating a large number of the prisoners’ personal belongings, transferred all 51 political and religious prisoners to a new security ward called Dormitory 10 (Hedayat).

This new ward has 5 rooms with 6 three-storey bund beds in each room. The new ward is equipped with 15 cameras and 14 Interference devices which have been installed in the bathrooms, kitchens and yard of this ward.A parasite device is also installed in this section while experts have repeatedly warned about its cancerous side effects.

During the attack and search of the youth ward of Orumieh Central Prison by special guards on Saturday, November 07, a death row prisoner named Sadegh Maleki swallowed a bag of “Methamphetamine” for fear of a new case being opened against him.’, a reliable source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“When the officers were informed of the prisoner’s suicide, he was transferred to the prison quarantine instead of the hospital despite his critical health condition. He died yesterday during his transfer to hospital.” the source added.

According to the source, the prisoner died while he would have survived if he had been taken to the hospital in the past few days and had a gastric lavage.

Lack of health facilities in the health care centre of the prisons in Iran and the refusal of prison officials to send prisoners to hospitals outside the prison are among the causes of death of prisoners who need medical and specialized services in hospitals outside the prison.