International Association of Victims of Terrorism to operate in NE Syria

The International Association of Victims of Terrorism in Belgium is planning to operate in the NES regions for supporting victims of terrorism and rehabilitating them, be a link between the victims and the world, and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes, according to the director of the association.

In an exclusive statement to ANHA agency, the director of the Association, Philip Vanstettkiste, who has been on a visit to NES accompanied by a Belgian government delegation since last Friday, said that the association is determined to operate in the region.

The Belgian government delegation visiting NES includes members of the Belgian Federal Parliament, Georges Dalmani and Quinn Metsu, Director of the International Association of Victims of Terrorism Philip Vanstetkiste, member of the Association, Rudi Malek, and CEO of Child Focus for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, Heidi de Paolo.

“It is supports victims of terrorism in Belgium, and works to rehabilitate them, so that these victims have the right to justice,” said the director.

Vanstettkisti pointed out that the opening of a branch in NES comes in the context of the judicial prosecutions taking place in Europe, which are related in one way or another, directly or indirectly, to foreign mercenaries in Syria, and he said: “From here we feel as a civil party that we have to work to have the victims’ voices heard in the trial of terrorist fighters in Syria.

He continued, “On the other hand, over the past two years we have learned a lot from the rehabilitation of victims, and we have had a very great experience, but despite this we need cooperation, as the victims here are different from the victims in the West.”

He explained that the Association is non-political, and works for purely humanitarian reasons, and wants to work in NES, because the region concerns everyone, and the people have suffered a lot from terrorism, and said: “What we would like to do is open a branch for us here and we will deal with organizations Others are active in the same field. “

He noted that work on this project will begin in the near future, after finalizing the preliminary arrangements for this step, and increasing coordination and cooperation.

The director of the International Terrorist Victims Association, Philip Vanstettkiste, said at the conclusion of his statement: “The Association will cooperate with people, and support all victims of war, not only those of ISIS, but even victims of extremist ideology, and will work to bring all experiences to work for the victims, and to gain greater experiences for benefiting from them in the future for Europe.”