Lawyers Association: Turkey must be tried for war crimes

In a written statement, the Association of Lawyers from North and East Syria has expressed its opinion on the ongoing war crimes of the Turkish state and its allies in the occupied territories.

The statement by Association includes the following: “The occupation and attacks of the Turkish state in North and East Syria constitute war crimes according to international law. The Turkish state is changing the demographic composition of the region and aims at ethnic cleansing. Turkey commits crimes against the civilian population and violates international law.

Kidnappings, looting and similar crimes for which the Turkish state is responsible continue to occur in the occupied territories. Not only is the civilian population being forced to flee, but public facilities such as hospitals and schools are also being devastated. While the inhabitants of the occupied territories are displaced, the Turkish state systematically settles other population groups here. This is a war crime for which we demand accountability.

We call on the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to take the initiative on this matter and to prosecute the Turkish state for its crimes.”