Serekani IDP’s: “We will struggle till returning our homes

One displaced woman says she sows the hope of returning in the hearts of her children, who continue to ask, “When are we going home?” She says she’ll struggle till returning to our homes in Serêkaniyê.”

As a result of the ongoing Turkish offensive attack in NE, Syria, 300,000 civilians have been displaced from border areas, fleeing from the massacres and violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries “ISIS” and Jabhat al-Nusra.

The displaced headed towards the safest areas, protected by the SDF, including parts of al-Hasakah canton, and live in more than 64 shelters, as well as the WashoKani camp.

Amira Farhan, with her family of six members, was deported to the countryside of the town of al-Ganmiya, which belongs to Dirbêsiyê district, after the Turkish occupation state attacked the area of Serêkaniyê.

The family left their home with empty handed fearing from the heavy shelling, and the people of the town helped Amira’s family, and has been granted them shelter and daily necessities in the absence of humanitarian assistance.

Amira said “Mercenaries are looting our property and spreading corruption in our regions, as a result of the Turkish state’s attack, many families have lost their children, and the world states turn blind eyes towards what is happening to us”.

11-year-old daughter, Jiyan “I miss my school and I wish to go home, we were horrified by the sound of the bombing in Serêkaniyê”.