Supreme Court of Sweden: There is risk of torture in Turkey

The Supreme Court of Sweden has rejected AKP government’s request for the extradition of Kurdish political asylum seeker Mehmet Turgay in consideration of a risk of repression and torture in Turkey.

The Immigration Directorate of Sweden accepted Turgay’s request for asylum on 30 December 2008 after his arrival in Sweden in 2006. He was detained and remanded in custody on 20 December 2013 on the grounds that he was sought by Turkey over Interpol.

While Turgay was accused of possession of unregistered firearm, Turkey asked for his extradition after applying to Swedish authorities through Interpol.

The case file of Turgay, who was released after spending one month in prison, was later sent to the Supreme Court of Sweden.

The Court ruled that his extradition went against the European Union Agreements because he could face a risk of repression and torture in Turkey.

A public prosecutor had also demanded the rejection of the request for Turgay’s extradition which -it was ruled- would contradict with the European Convention on Human Rights.

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