IHD: 1,657 violations of rights recorded in Van in 2019

The Human Rights Association (IHD) Van Branch said the report it prepared on the violations of rights in the city in 2019 recorded 1,657 violations.

IHD branch chair, Murat Melet, said that the violations of rights decreased during the “Peace process” between 2013 and 2015. He pointed out that with the increase of conflicts, violations of rights also increased.

Melet said: “Even though the State of Emergency in Turkey has been officially lifted, unfortunately it continues de facto in Kurdistan.”

Commenting on the death fast and hunger strikes of Grup Yorum members, Melet said: “The demands of Grup Yorum members should be fulfilled as soon as possible.”

IHD member Kasım Kalkan read the report.
Kalkan reminded the appointment of trustees and political genocide practices are incompatible with the law.

“Before the local elections, detention and arrests – he said – have increased. We have reported 326 house raids, 435 citizens, including 11 children, have been taken into custody, and 74 citizens have been remanded in custody.”

2019 Balance Sheet

Kalkan underlined the following points from the report:

“* Asylum seekers and immigrants who have lost their lives: 35

  • Organization militants who died in armed clashes: 5
  • Deaths and injuries on the border: 35 dead, 92 injured
  • Women subjected to domestic violence: 1 woman (strangled by her mother) was killed.
  • Children exposed to domestic violence: 1 (the person who sexually attacked his grandson was released by the court)
  • Children abused in the social sphere: 2
  • Male suicide: 2
  • Female suicide: 4 women were found dead.
  • Torture and harassment in prison: 6
  • Torture and harassment outside detention places: 1
  • Torture and harassment while in custody: 15
  • Detentions: 435
  • Remanded in custody: 74
  • House raids: 326
  • Asylum seekers and immigrants taken into custody: 548
  • Activities and demonstrations as well as protests and marches are prohibited by the decision of the Governor’s Office.
  • Lawsuits filed against those expressing their thoughts: 6 people
  • Prison referral practices: 4
  • Violation of right to health in prison: 5
  • Violation of the right to health: 1
  • Family visits blocked: 1
  • Isolation: 4
  • Communication blocked: 1
  • Dismissals: 22 people.”