KRC: Turkish military and Islamic groups invasion in Northeast Syria (9-20 october)

On October 9, 2019 the Turkish army with Islamic allies started an offensive targeting mainly the area between Sere Kaniye and Tell Abiad. SDF in turn started to defend it.
After few hours a massive displacement of population started toward south areas of Hasake, Raqqa, Ein issa and Tel Tamir. Below the detailed report day by day with photos and the casualties recorded. in PDF

On 20th of October, some hundreds civilians in Raqqa City where protesting against the Turkish invasion. The demonstration was reported to be peaceful and has since disbanded.

• the Kurdish Red Crescent had another convoy to Serêkaniye (Ras al-Ain) to evacuate fifteen wounded, seven martyrs and five families (women and children). Also many not injured families joined the convoy out of the city. We have no actual number of people who remained in the City, but we know for sure, that many bodies are still under the rubble and ashes of the destroyed houses. We where not able to bring the martyrs back to their families.

• This is the story of one of our paramedics who was in the Hospital of Sere Kanye (Ras AlAin) for six days while turkey attacked: &Raman Suleiman Oso; working in the Kurdish Red Crescent, as an anesthesiologist and paramedic in ER sections. Raman tells his own experience from the last 6 days inside (Roj) hospital in SereKaniye(Ras Al Ain), as they were besieged by the Turkish-backed groups.

2019, I went to Sri-Kaniyeh to help the wounded, arriving in big numbers to Roj ” “On October 13 hospital as a result of aerial bombardments and shelling onto the town. All the cases we received had shrapnel, wounds, burns and fractions in their whole body. We had been forced to amputate limps of injured in many cases. Due to the difficult conditions inside the hospital – not enough adequate medicine or medical equipment and no electricity. Some of the injured lost their lives in the hospital, we couldn’t rescue them or send them to other hospitals in safer areas, away from the clashes. Their faces, while giving the last breath are carved in my memory, I ‘ll never forget that I was there, with nothing to do, but watching them in such situation. Turkey and its faction committed the lives, but shelling and bombardments on the town didn’t stop. Civilians were besieged inside the town, while ), with no water or food, burying their dead beloved th we could leave the hospital yesterday (Oct 19 and family members inside their houses, as they hadn’t been able to reach the hospital. Neither were we able to reach them, because of the proliferation of Turkish-backed faction snipers everywhere, shooting anything which might move. I’ve been told that three persons from one family went out of their house to get some food for the family members from the next shop. They got killed the moment they stepped out. Their bodies remained in the street.
I can’t describe my feeling when shells were falling around and through the walls of the hospital, it is so hard to be described, the only thing I can say now is that we; the volunteers and the hospital medical stuff, were not receiving just military casualties, but also civilians and young men and women who tried to defend their city and protect their land

Civilian casualties since the 9th of October– starting the Turkish invasion- recorded by KRC team
Dead: 83 in total recorded by KRC of them, male and female,11 of them were evacuated with KRC teams in Raselein in 19th and 20th of October. Many of the Dead could not be registered or recorded due to distortion. From the massacre of the civilian convoy 6 victims has been registered, in orange below, on them 11th certified.
Injured and shocked: 231 registered by KRC. 47 of them were with the convoy those were evacuated from Ras AL Ain and not included in the table in PDF

19th of October,2019
• Since the seize fire agreement between SDF and the Turkish Government, there were 20 injured and 20 martyrs’ civilians registered by the Kurdish Red Crescent teams.
• Clashes occurred between SDF and the Islamic groups west of Bab Al-Khayar Village group, but there were no changes in the territory.
• Finally, a convoy of ambulances from the Kurdish Red Crescent, Cadus NGO, arrived to Ras Al Ain (the main Hospital) and could rescue and evacuate many injured people from the hospital 30 injured and 4 martyrs. While there were unfortunately dead because there was no chance to arrive to them earlier, and were buried in the area around the hospital. There was also the capability of an organization called (Free Burma Rangers) to pass as well.
• We need to keep a humanitarian corridor to Ras al-Ain Serêkaniye. There are wounded people we could not reach and martyrs under the rubble. Keeping a humanitarian corridor is very needed.

18th of October,2019
• The clashes are ongoing in Ras Al-Ain although turkey, USA and SDF agreed in a seize firing in the whole region, We can confirm airstrikes near Abu Rasin with a lot of casualties (military and civilian) – 30 at least received by Tal Tamir Hospital.
• A combined convoy of Kurdish Red Crescent and Cadus NGO tried to reach Ras Al-Ain, since the morning, but they were not able to pass, due to the targeting and the drones threatening the team. They reached up to 5-10km to Ras Al-Ain. Our teams are now back and still on hold.
• Also, Free Burma Rangers Organization tried to reach Ras Al-Ain to rescue the injured, while writing this report, we have no update from them.
• More than 38 injured people are waiting inside Ras al-Ain hospital for their evacuation. Some of them already passed away due to the lack of blood and other needed medical help. The hospital got partially destroyed. The small medical team, inside the hospital is still doing their best to save the lives inside.

16 and 17 of October,2019
• The main attack is concentrating on Ras Al Ain. Since the beginning of the attack the access was already very limited. But since the night of 16th we had no access at all anymore.
• The capacity of Tiltemir hospital, which is the main Hospital to respond to all the injuries from Ras Al Ain had to decrease drastically since the clashes were very near and attacks to the hospital very likely. We evacuated most of our teams and continued just with a small team.
• In the hospital of Ras Al Ain is still a small team of department of health working but with very limited capacities, they inform us, that there is many injured people which they cannot treat and will probably die because of the lack of services. KRC submitted an official call for help to ICRC and all humanitarian organizations:
There is a strong attack on towns and cities of North-East Syria, especially Ras al-Ayn city. This is the most ferocious attack by Turkish military forces and allied Syrian militias .
The city is suffering shelling, artillery, airstrikes and ground incursions with tanks and heavy weapons. This has led to many civilian injuries, and since our medical teams have been targeted we are unable to enter the city to rescue the casualties.
We are requesting that you respond to this appeal and intervene according to humanitarian duties in order to bring an end to the airstrikes and ensure our permission for the evacuation of civilian injuries .
Otherwise, we call on your direct intervention into the city. Without either intervention,we will experience a full humanitarian disaster and lose hundreds of civilian live.
Kurdish Red Crescent

17/10/2019 Qamishli – 12:33 PM
• GoS forces accompanied by GoR military police have officially entered Menbij town. Prior to this, pro-GoS TV presenters were observed in the center of the town, reporting of widespread call from the community for GoS intervention in the area. Asayish, later stopped the filming and asked the reporters to leave the town. In the meantime, CF have announced officially that they have withdrawn from Menbij and no longer have active personnel in the area.
• Along the M4, SDF have continued clashes and advances near Alyia Silos area (25km East of Tell Tamr on the M4), followed by GoS establishing a new position in Terwazieyeh village coming from Ein Issa town – thus making a large part of the M4 now under GoS/SDF control.

Unknown weapons attacks in Ras al Ain:
Hasake national Hospital received some patients, Civilian and Military, with burns (level 2 and level 3 ) after airstrikes. 6 patients where discovered with different symptoms. By time of writing this report an investigation of their symptoms is taking place to evaluate the symptoms and to check by which kind of weapon they got targeted. Some medias published the use of forbidden weapons. We as Kurdish Red Crescent can not confirm the use of chemical weapons yet, but working together with our international partners to investigate this subject.

15th of October,2019
• The displaced people problem became bigger after the INGOs had to leave NES, and those work remotely most of them cannot have good access, the other problem is that the GOS has raised the flag of Syria in some schools those host IDPs and many INGOs are not allowed to work there.
• As it was expected, this evening big part of KRC team had to leave the Hospital in Tal Tamer due to the conflict around the town in Manajir and Alyia Silos area around on the M4 east Tal Tamer, in that way there will be too much difficulties to reach to the wounded and the injured people in the area of the conflict and Ras Al Ein. Later at midnight it was reported that SDF took the control of both areas east Tal tamer, but the medical team will check the area if there is possibility to work in the hospital or not.
• GOS didn’t enter the town of Tal Tamir but was only in Al-Aghebesh
• Ein Issa camp was dramatically change today as a lot of ISIS cells showed up to attack and burn the tents, there is no NGO can work there while the most of the IDPs were moved to Mahmodly camp.

14th of October,2019
• As it was expected, the number of the victims of the civilian convoy, bombed yesterday in Ras Al Ain, increased after they were referred to Tell Tamer (S. Legerin Hospital) and then to Qamishlo and Hasake Hospitals, in the list below the new casualties are added.
• Ein Issa camp is without services since yesterday, except for the only Health Point where KRC medical team is working with very limited capacity. During the chaos, 25 unaccompanied minors were evacuated by NGOs together with the UN to Raqqa city where they are now being supported in a NGO CFS.
• The displaced people problem became bigger after the INGOs had to leave NES, and those work remotely most of them cannot have good access, the other problem is that the GOS has raised the flag of Syria in some schools those host IDPs and many INGOs are not allowed to work there.
• As it was expected, this evening big part of KRC team had to leave the Hospital in Tal Tamer due to the conflict around the town in Manajir and Alyia Silos area around on the M4 east Tal Tamer, in that way there will be too much difficulties to reach to the wounded and the injured people in the area of the conflict and Ras Al Ein. Later at midnight it was reported that SDF took the control of both areas east Tal tamer, but the medical team will check the area if there is possibility to work in the hospital or not.
• GOS didn’t enter the town of Tal Tamir but was only in Al-Aghebesh
• Ein Issa camp was dramatically change today as a lot of ISIS cells showed up to attack and burn the tents, there is no NGO can work there while the most of the IDPs were moved to Mahmodly camp.
• The remaining of the INGOs left this morning through Semalka-Peshkhabour gate after the Syrian government showed up: “We have made difficult decisions, staying until the last minute. Of key NGO bases, Kobane was the first to have completed the withdrawal of the staff and the suspension of activities and it was hit with heavy activity just a day after. Ein Issa escalated significantly after assessments were made the day before to withdraw all international staff and relocate to coordination of activities to Raqqa. Today, we are leaving Amuda, Tel Tamer, Hasekeh city with, at least Tel Tamer, witnessing presence of GoS just hours after the last NGO started moving”.
• For the Kurdish Red Crescent; all activities will continue in all the areas without open conflict and KRC will get the support from the partners remotely, mainly inside of the camps: AL Hol, Areesha, Roj, Newroz.
• KRC announced (The Kurdish Red Crescent is continuing and will continue its activities in all the camps (Al-Hol, Areesha, Roj, Newroz, Ain Issa). And all the health clinics and hospitals that are supporting in all cities. A special team is working on the current emergency situation to monitor and document the casiualties , and coordinate the humanitarian work). Also Trauma Stabilization points and Ambulance services will continue.

GoS movement:

  1. GoS reinforcements were observed as heading towards frontline areas after reaching Tal Tamer Sub-District. Furthermore, GoS have been observed as moving a number of forces between Tall Tamer/ Ras Al Ain road.
  2. GoS ground troops were observed about 20 km north of Al Tabqah City and continuing in a northerly trajectory, towards Kobane with the intention of preventing further OAG advances.
  3. Furthermore, it is confirmed that GoS forces arrived in Tell Tamer and entered the town.
  4. Overnight, the situation in Menbij and Kobane was reported as calm, though reports indicate that GoS forces will move into the aforementioned cities in the next few hours, while it is reported that TAF forces have reinforcements on the other side of the Turkish border from Menbij and Ain Al Arab/Kobane.
  5. GoS elements have arrived in the towns of Ein Issa.

KRC Statement on the Impact of the withdrawal of international INGOs and continued attacks by Turkey
After the agreement between the Syrian Government and the SDF all international NGOs had to withdraw their international staff and have no access anymore to the region and also the situation got unpredictable with turkey as a NATO partner. At the same time the impact on the humanitarian situation is disastrous. Services for newly displaced people and already overburdened IDP/Refugee Camps decreased to a critical minimum. The IDP/Refugee camps are now left with extremely limited support. The coordination among remaining local NGOs and UN Organizations is poor and if support is provided there is duplication while at the same time big gaps in critical services such as shelter, drinking water and food. The coordination for the Emergency response is extremely difficult after all international NGOs also withdrew their essential expat staff this morning. Right now, KRC is the ONLY humanitarian Aid Organization providing direct Emergency Response on ground. Meanwhile, Turkey does not accept us as a neutral humanitarian aid organization and breaks international humanitarian law by targeting our ambulances and health point. By time of writing this statement the Turkish troops have nearly reached Tal Tamr. The chance that the hospital becomes a target itself is high. We are monitoring the situation very close, in order to re-allocate the team and the patients.
We will continue our activities in all six camps and all health clinics and hospitals that are supporting in all cities. We will continue to monitor and documentation of the wounded and martyrs. We also assist the newly displaced people and coordinating the humanitarian support.

In the best case this will end up in a massive escape towards Iraq (and than Europe), in the worst we experience a genocide. We need NOW the help of the international communities!

  • We need NOW turkey to stop the invasion and to accept Syrian territory!
  • We need NOW the access for international humanitarian Aid Organizations!
  • We need NOW the support of all democratic nations who accepts the human rights to stop this!
    We consider Europe as well as USA and Russia as responsible to end this massacre immediately!

13th of October,2019
• At the early morning, the Turkish air forces were flying very closely over Ein Issa camp which lead to fear between all the IDPs and Refugees inside of it. After that, around 10 am some families left, including ISIS families from the annex section. As the fight was coming so close, the security team of the camp and the self-administration announced that they were not able anymore to control it.
• Kurdish Red Crescent, which is the main health responder in the camp, had to leave as well due to security issues, and other actors left. There was burn of tents in the annex section and ISIS supporter were carrying weapons with them (seems they had it before). After few hours the Asaysh was able to go back to Einissa check point while the IDPs went to Tilelsemin village, south of Einissa.
• Tow ambulances of the health Department were kidnapped on the road to Tell Abiad and no other information about them reached as so far.
• Turkish backed forces took control of Mabruka Camp during the afternoon. Reportedly, there were about 15 IDP families still in the camp at the time. Around 4 pm, a Turkish airstrike impacted the center of Sere Kaniye- Ras Al Ain town, which was at the time densely populated. The attack caused 11 deaths and 74 injuries at least, among them civilians and reportedly a number of international journalists, but we think the number of the victims will increase because there were a lot of several injuries. Those people were from all NES area community, heading to the city to show solidarity with SDF. All were referred to Tel Tamir (S. Legerin Hospital) which was already full so our team had to refer them to Hasake national hospital and Qamishlo hospital.
• At the late night between 11-12 pm, there was bombing on a TSB managed by the health department of NES in Asadiya village 15 km south Ras Al Ain, as a resuly the 2 paramedic were heavily injured with one ambulance driver, they were referred to Tiltemir hospital then To Hasake.

12th of October, 2019:
• Kobane was strongly target since the night. The main hospital was out of the service for three hours beacasue of close bombing that caused damage. Massive displacemet was recorded.
• An explosion occurred in front of Al-Hasakeh Central Prison, No casualties or escapes were recorded.
• Around 7- 7:15 am the Trauma Stabilization Point (TSP) set up by KRC in Salihiye village, south of Ras Al Ain, has been hit by what we believe was an airstrike. The TSP was temporarily placed there to support injured persons, 15 minutes away from the front line of RAA. Two KRC staff were injured. Four patients where inside of the TSP but they were not further injured and the staff referred them to Tel Tamer hospital. Two ambulances have been damaged. Both them and staff were clearly displaying KRC logo. KRC staff on the ground report that the airstrike was not nearby but believed they were directly targeted. As a result, the two ambulances were out of the services and the driver and the paramedic were injured.
• The entirety of the M4 between Ein Issa and Tell Tamer remainds under SDF control. However, turkish baked groups have reportedly made territorial advances between Tell Abiad and Ras Al Ain during the night – around Rajim Aanwa area and possibly further south. And after that they stopped the vehicles on the road and killed some of them (could be only the kurds). The head of one party in NES (Hevrin Khelelf) was one of the casiualties and was captured with the driver. As Kurdish Red Crescent with our humantarian partners we get a lot of support from Hevrin as she was into the humantarian work deeply. One of her speaches- “The war in Syria has destroyed the places of childhood of millions of Syrians. In Ain Issa camp for displaced Syrians, we suggested that we give the displaced people every tent, a small tree, they plant in front of their tent. Take care of it. To be remembrance of them, after they left the camp towards their cities and homes. It will be a beautiful green memory, in a land that has grieved them and made them homeless. ”
• Tell Abiad was heavily bombed all the day and medical teams are still working inside of it trying to help the injures although there was a lot of randomly targeting everywhere, which still limit the movement and the work in trauma stabilization points and stop the hospital. KRC team there were trying to rise a flag showing that they are humanitarian organization but this didn’t work as they targeted the TSP in Ras Al Ain.
• KRC teams are not able to reach Ras Al Ain anymore, but we are still trying to find a way. There is targeting on our ambulances as we try to go closer. After the TSP was targeted the situation get worse.

11th of October, 2019:
• Clashes continued overnight in the western and eastern outskirts of Ras Al Ain Town, with OAG advances recorded in the industrial area of the town. Conflict activity decreased after 1100hrs today.
• In Tell Abiad Sub-District, during the night SDF regained control over Tel Fender and Yasbseh villages, and OAGs regained control of Yasbseh in the morning. This morning, indirect fire attacks continued south of Tell Abiad town, mainly in and around Badi and Ein Al-Arus (south west) and Breighi (south east).
• Additionally, last night, cross border indirect fire and cross border clashes were recorded across Quamishlo and Al-Malikeyyeh Districts. Following the cross-border exchanged in Al-Malikeyyeh Sub-District, TAF artillery reinforcement were sent across the border from Hiyaka town.
• In Quamishlo city, indirect fire was observed on 4 occasion between onto Qanat Al￾Sweis and western neighborhoods of the city as well as onto the Asayish training center of Himo
• Elsewhere, one artillery strike was recorded onto Samasakh/ Bostan and Zheiriyeh in Malikeyyeh Sub-District, one onto Tal Khatun in Qahtaniya Sub-District and one indirect fire occurred north of Mabruka town
• A car bomb exploded today in Qamishlo in Monir Habib street (one main road of Qamishlo) and as a result one civilian was killed and 5 were injured in front of one popular restaurant (Omari)
• Since the last night all Eindiwar town was evacuated afterwards the civilian houses were burned by Turkish army/FSA.
• Mabruka camp (Ras al Ain district) had to evacuate all the IDPs to other camps due to the threating and targeting from the Turkish army and the rebels (FSA).
• In the late evening conflicts in Al Hol camp, in the annex section which contain ISIS families, where reported by KRC team. The camp security responded. In the time of writing the tensions are still ongoing. No casualties reported yet.
• 5 ISIS fighters could escape from the main prison in Qamishlo, after targeting by Turkish forces. Reported by Asayish (Kurdish police)

IDPs movements: The total number of the IDPs from the border strip to the south areas since the beginning of the attack: …..

• There is lack of water in whole area of Hasakeh, due to the targeting the main water station in Alok, which covers more than 500.000 people. This is also affecting all hospitals in this region.
• Electricity and phone network are decreasing in general in all the areas, especially in the border strip.

In 10th of October:
• Since this morning TAF has removed parts of the border wall near Tal Halaf, Tal Arqam and Aziziyeh villages (All Ras Al Ain, Sere Kaniye) and TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) and OAGs have engaged in clashes with SDF during attempts to advances further inside NES.
• Clashes were reported in the three locations mentioned above as well as in Ras Al Ain Town, Western Alok, near Jan Tamer (Yezidian village) and Bir Asheq village (also all in Ras Al Ain sub-district). There has been no territorial changes at the time of writing.
In Ein Issa Sub-district, two airstrikes were recorded against a bridge 3km south of Ein Issa town.
• Cross border fire and clashes taking place in and around Tell Abiad town have stopped at around 0300hrs with no territorial changes.

• Sere Kaniye Ras Al Ain (x7)
• Tell Abiad (x3)
• Ein Issa sub(x2)
• Al-Malekkiyeh Derik sub-district (x1)

Indirect Fire Impacts:
• Tell Abiad sub-district (x9)
• Ras Al Ain sub-district (x6)
• Al-Malekkiyeh sub-district (x4)
• Quamishli city (x4)
• Jawadiyah sub-district (x3)
• Amuda sub-district (x2)
• Ain Al Arab/Kobane (x2)

Heavy clashes were ongoing in Tilebeyd and in the mornging while there was a delegation from the tripes going to support SDF from Ein issa to Tilebyed, their convoy was targeted and casualties were reported.
The kurdish red crescent and MSF working in the hospital had then limited access to the area of Tilebeyed, while KRC teams are depending on Trauma stabilization points and ambulances (at least 15 ambulances are involved in the respond so far) while the main hospital to be refered to is still KRC hospital (Shehid Legerin) in Tel Tamr, privat Hasake Hospitals supported by WHO and private Qamishli Hospitals.
Any further event/incidents will be shared in the next update.

On 9th of October:
Airstrikes targeted In 9th of October:
• Sere kaniye (Ras Al Ain) x7
• Ein Issa x2
• Tell Abiad x1
• 1635hrs: indirect fire against Tell Salloush(west Al Munbateh) – Tell Abiad Sub District.
• 1640hrs: airstrike onto former CF border post in Tell Fender – Tell Abiad Sub-District.
• 1650hrs: indirect fire onto Bir Asheq checkpoint – Tell Abiad Sub-District.
• 1650hrs: two airstrikes against Abu Serraand Hoshan villages (approx. 15km North West of Ein Issa Town) – Ein Issa Sub-District. Six SDF members were reportedly killed.
• 1700hrs: indirect fire on a military position of the Tell Abiad Military Council (evacuated a week ago) and onto the school in Yabseh village – Tell Abiad Sub-District.
• 1730hrs: Indirect fire towards Qanat Swiys Neighbourhood of Quamishli City –Quamishli Sub-District.
• 1730hrs: Mortar rounds and artillery fire onto the outskirts of Mansura village – Al￾Malekkiyeh Sub-district.
• 1740hrs: Indirect Fire onto the outskirts ofEsmailiyeh village – Al-Malekkiyeh Sub￾district.
• 1820hrs: Indirect Fire against Tal Elhasanat and Kherbet Balak villages – Jawadiyah Sub-district.
• 1830hrs: TAF removed parts from the wall north of Quamishli City.
• At night a lot of clashes were happening in TIlebyed and casiualtis from both sided were recorded.

The Kurdish red crescent has already declered on 9th: This targeting is affecting the situaiton in NES for Local and IDPs in the the 7 main camps in NES, we have already declared in KRC that:

Due to the clashes on the border with Turkey and injuries and casualties, we have been required to reposition our medical and ambulance teams from several camps such as Al Hol, Areesha, Ein Issa, Roj and other camps. Unfortunately, this situation may cause a decline in the quality of work in these camps, which contain tens of thousands of refugees and displaced people, but the priorities of the stage requires that we respond first to life-threatening situations.

Most of our partners from humanitarian organizations and other INGOs in the region, for security reasons, have limited access to the camps, which threatens to decrease the service and increase the burden on the camp administrations and security forces guarding certain sectors within these camps such as Al Hol. We will work in the Kurdish Red Crescent in our best efforts to arrange our teams to respond to the emergency situation on the border with Turkey and to continue working with the same quality in the camps.

The hospital in Serekaniye (Ras Al-Ain) is out of services, cases has been referred to Tel Tamr Hospital, Hasakeh Hospital and Ein Issa Hospital.

The hospital of Tel Abiad (MSF) is out of the service so the cases were moved to other areas such as Ein Issa, and Tel Tamer.

The hospital of Hasake as all Hasake area have lack of water which create problem to respond, The largest Christian Neighborhood (Bisheriya) in NE Syria is being bombed and some civilian houses were burned, 2 of the dyed civilians were from there. PDF