KMMK Human Rights Situation Report of Eastern Kurdistan in April 2020

This is KMMK’s monthly report, April 2020, on human rights situation in eastern Kurdistan. It summarizes key human rights issues on events during April 2020, including executions, detentions, torture and suicide. Data are collected from several sources of KMMK, including direct reports.

This report does not include every issue and event. The absence of an issue is due to (resource limitations, restriction to access to the country) the availability of information, and silencing independent voices, civic and human rights groups by the Iranian government.

In April 2020 Iranian government continued its disregard for basic human rights by discrimination, executions, illegal detention of Kurdish citizens, torture, violating basic rights of prisoners and closing off any possibility of organized political activities that are not fully aligned with its propaganda.

In April 2020, Iran executed at least nine prisoners. There were several reports on more executions that due to lack of credible sources we do not publish the names:

*Mostafa Salimi,51,Saqqez,Political activism,11.04.2020
*Shayan Saeedpour,Saqqez,Premeditated murder,21.04.2020
* Loghman Ahmadpour,30,Baneh, Premeditated murder, 22.04.2020
* Sina Mohammadi,26,Dehgolan,Premeditated murder,23.04.2020
* Ramiar Mokhles,28,Baneh,Premeditated murder,24.04.2020
* Abdulwahed Feyzi,Baneh,Premeditated murder,24.04.2020
* Zrar Peyghami,53,Shno,Premeditated murder,28.04.2020
* Yaser Rasouli,30,Boukan,Premeditated murder,28.04.2020
* Fayegh Sharifi,Divandarreh,Premeditated murder,28.04.2020

In the city of Saqqez, this month after the prisoner’s escape on March 2020 more prisoners executed.

Imprisonment and illegal detention:
In April 2020, at least fourteen Kurdish civilians have been detained or by Iranian security forces.. Most of detainees were arrested without any clear accusation and without court order. There are political, civic and environmental activists among those who have been arrested. They have been beaten and tortured by security forces.

* Gholamreze Nouri Ali Kermanshah,03.04.2020 Reporting on COVID-19
* Amir Babai Kermanshah,08.04.2020,Journalism
* Ghasem Atai Azimi Bojnurd, 14.04.2020 Unkown – he is media and poletical activist
* Kamran Abdiour Saqqez, 20.04.2020
* Esmail Ardavani Marivan, 23.04.2020,Collaborating with Kurdish opposition parties
* Farhad Ahmadipour Baneh, Biston Ahmadipour B. Khalil Karimi B,Karim Karimi B,Barzan Karimi B,Hadi Ahmadpour B.,Edris Karimzadeh B, Farshad Rahmani Kamyaran,30.04.2020 Unkown
* Mohammah Ebrahimzameh Piranshahr, 30.04.2020 Collaborating with Kurdish opposition parties

Kolbar is a worker who is employed to carry goods on his/her back across the borders. Most Kolbars live in eastern Kurdistan and they come from the poorest regions in the area. Kolbars are mostly considered illegal and have no insurance, retirement plans and unions.

In this month several Kolbars have been shot directly by Iranian forces and as a result two Kolbers died and three badly wounded.

Died Kolbars:
*Borhan Jonyanlou, 24 Maku hights Direct shooting by Iranian border forces, 08.04.2020
*Asghar Mohammadi, Nabikand hights Unkown 09.04.2020

Wounded Kolbar:
*Majid Maku border Direct shooting by Iranian border forces 08.04.2020
***Maku border, Direct shooting by Iranian border forces 08.04.2020
* Majid Berai , Sheikh Salu village Direct shooting by Iranian border forces 13.04.2020

Suicide and self-immolation:

In April 2020 at least eleven people mainly women committed suicide and self-immolation.

*Serveh Abdi 16 Saqqez Unkown 04.04.2020
* Male ,33 Ilam Poverty and unemployment 16.04.2020
*Female , 12 Ilam Poverty and unemployment 16.04.2020
*Saman Ansari Unkown Kamyaran Poverty and unemployment 18.04.2020
* Darya Mohammadi 24 Senneh (Sanandaj) Family problems 22.04.2020
* Negin Amini 34 Sonqor Poverty and unemployment 22.04.2020
* Sharifeh Mostafapour 32 Saqqez Family problems 22.04.2020
*Afsaneh Rahimi 29 Saqqez Family problems 22.04.2020
*Manij Ghaderi 26 Naqade Unkown 24.4.2020
*Female- Z. Q. 25 Senneh (Sanandaj) Family problems 26.04.2020
*Female- L. Ghaderi 50 Kamyaran Family problems 30.04.2020

KMMK encourages Kurdish people in eastern Kurdistan to practice their basic human rights and report to international institutions and to the worl, the discriminations and violetions of human rights by Iranian regime.