Prisoners in Osmaniye on hunger strike since 12 November

Prisoners in Osmaniye No. 2 Closed Type Prison have been on hunger strike since 12 November to protest against the harassment and abuse of rights they are being submitted to.

The prisoners say they will continue the hunger strike until their demands are met. Mahsun Çay, who was arrested at the age of 13 during the genocide attacks in Nusaybin (Mardin) is one of the prisoners on hunger strike.

Çay explained in a telephone conversation with his family, the violation of rights they are subjected to. He told his father Ahmet how after the hearing in Nusaybin the defendants were beaten while being brought to Mardin. His father said his son’s arm was broken by the guards when he was taken back to prison after the hearing, 6 months ago.

They are beaten while being taken to court!

Mahsun Çay’s mother, Hemra said her last visit was on the festivity of the Eid al-Adha. She added that since then she could not visit her son because the prison has imposed a ban on visits.

Hemra Çay said last Wednesday her son was beaten when he was taken to court.

Hemra Çay recalled that her son was arrested at the age of 13, and added that the prisoners, including her son, had gone on hunger strike to protest the constant violations of their rights.

Ahmet Çay said that his son had been subjected to too much pressure in the prison and added: “My son has been kept in prison for more than 4 and a half years. My son was imposed to join the hearing via SEGBIS (video and audio connection) but did not accept as he wanted to defend himself in court. While taking him to court they assaulted and beaten him. I saw him three months ago. They’re restricting our visits with him by imposing a permanent ban on visits.”